February 28, 2008

Wasting Time...

OK...OK...it is official...I am addicted to this darn blog, and the Internet in general!

Captain Chaos finally went to sleep about 20 minutes ago...I just finished nursing the Tiny Princess, and she's snoozing in her crib...I have on mindless TV, a container of chocolate chip cookie dough waiting to be made into cookies and baked (not eaten raw, sadly), and my treadmill is calling my name.

It is sunny, blue skies, and about 65 outside today...and I'm sitting here typing...what's wrong with me?!?!?! I should have buckled the kids into the stroller and gotten outside and walked the cookies I ate yesterday off.

I love those new commercials for Propel Fitness Water...the one where the lady is like "940 MORE crunches?" and the one who's like "2640 more steps?!"...hee hee...it makes me laugh that folks assume because something says "healthy" or "Vitamin" or "All-Natural", it automatically makes it ok to skip reading the ingredients, nutrition facts, and warnings...NOT TO MENTION the fact that you would think it ok to drink an entire 32 oz bottle of something billed as healthy...are you stupid?!?!?!?

We have a gym in Denver that is called "The Anti-Gym". Maybe they are elsewhere too, I've never heard of them...but their entire advertising campaign is "NO CHUBBIES", and the commercials include a very beautiful but fat woman (there's no PC here...she's downright fat!) sitting on her couch eating some horrible junk food, with a bottle of beer in her hand...and the gym guy breaks down her door, and basically tells her to stop her whining, to get off her rear and make a change...you can still eat Twinkies and drink beer...just don't be surprised when you don't get the results you want. Their whole premise is just that...eat and drink what you want, but don't you dare whine when you come in to work out with your trainer!

I've been thinking a lot about fitness and exercise lately...probably spurred on by the last 2 issues of Fitness magazine I've received...Kelly Ripa, and LeAnn Rimes, graced the covers, posing in these amazing bikinis...looking totally incredible, and their interviews are wonderful! How great is it to read about a mother of 3 (Ripa) who admits that she doesn't always work out, that she eats lousy food sometimes, but she still knows that she needs to be healthy! She took a challenge, and is now at the next level of fitness...how great to know real people can do it? LeAnn Rimes amazes me the most, however. She, at 13, started touring when she hit it big (in case you don't, or recently decided to follow country music). Her admission was "I've always loved to be active, I danced, and played t-ball or softball until I was 12, and started touring". After that, she says she mostly sat around on her bus, and ate...what else can a 13 year old do? She can't go to a bar, or a casino, and she's not likely to hit the local mall and make friends while in a city for 1 or 2 days...she says she decided to get healthy when she met her husband, but she decided to be in control, and calls all the shots when she's working. How great to know that someone can actually commit and stay commited???

This all got me thinking, what am I going to do about my own health? I'm admittedly 20 pounds lighter than I was the day Tiny Princess was born (mostly baby weight), but am still about 40 pounds over my "ideal weight". I feel tired, and know that I'll fell better and have more energy if I change my lifestyle...and tomorrow is my 6-week checkup after Tiny Princess. I know that I'll be cleared to get back to "normal" activities...and while, for BB, that means "WOO HOO, we can have sex again!", for me its a little scary! You see, last summer, I felt so lousy that I stopped working out. No walking, no weights...we hardly went for walks or bike rides after I found out I was pregnant because BB didn't want to take any risks. So, there I was, finally WANTING to get healthy, and I was afraid I'd fall off my bike, or do something to the baby...and now! I'm antsy, yet afraid.

What if I get a clean bill of health, and the go-ahead to resume my pre-baby life, and then commit to some program, and don't follow-through?

For most, I'm sure that this is not a keep-you-awake-at-night issue...but for me...I HATE failing...I'd rather not set a goal, and do nothing than fail. Never mind that I know that if I set a goal, and fail, I'm still better off than by doing nothing at all right?!?!?!

All my life, I've been setting goals, and not reaching them. I'm sort of tired of this cycle, and am looking for ways to set my goal, break it down, and achieve it. I realize that I can't just magically wake up tomorrow and be healthy, and fit, and lose weight. I know it will take time...I didn't gain all this weight overnight, but still...I am impatient...I want results NOW.

Last summer, a friend of mine brought me a set of workout DVDs, and said "burn a copy, give me back the originals". Then, 2 weeks later, she said, "never mind. Keep them! We're starting karate as a family!"...and they've sat in my entertainment center for 10 months...gathering dust...last night, BB saw a commercial for the series that I have, and I made the comment "Hey! That's what I have!" and he, smart alec that he is, replied "Well, you better start doing it!"

OUCH! Keep in mind that my BB is NOT anywhere near physically fit, and resists all my attempts to do things together...doofus that he is...grrrrr. So I told him, "Look! There's guys doing this workout, not just chicks! We can do it together!" He was not amused...or even remotely interested, so I'm on my own.

I'll be sharing with you as I go, and knowing that some of my readers know me IRL, they'll keep me honest! SO...all you RM ladies, I'm baring my soul...and my measurements!!!!!

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