February 13, 2008

A Star is Born

Well...I took the Tiny Princess to her first party appearance last night. A new friend, from my Moms Group at Church is having her 2nd baby, also a girl, in late April, and she had a shower last night. I took the Princess, as I wasn't sure how long I'd be gone, and figured that BB wouldn't be able to nurse her...good thing, as I was gone for 3 hours...and it was so much fun!

We went to a local B&B, that also has a tea room...and had a yummy tea, with some good friends, and made some new ones.

Tiny Princess was good as gold, and quiet as a mouse for about 97% of the event. She drank her bottle, and smiled, slept, burped, made lots of unladylike noises, but after all was said and done, she was a jewel!

The other ladies all oohed and aahed over her, as they should. I mean, after all, what lady can seriously resist a 4-week old?!?!?!? None that I know...for real!

We had a good time, got to wear fun hats and fur stoles, and eat lots of food that we would most likely never make at home. I mean, who has time to make cherry tarts??? Not I for certain, but that's why the owners of this place do it, and I go there to enjoy it!

My friend's mom was there, all the way from Washington to visit, and host the shower. It was fun to meet her, along with the other ladies, and I think that my friend is very blessed! Her little girl will have a spectacular room and fabulous wardrobe, and she's not even supposed to be born for another 2 months!

I came home, tucked in BB, left Tiny Princess in her car seat all snuggled under blankets to sleep, and fell into bed, not even bothering to look at the rest of the house...which is just as well. I would NOT have been able to sleep, and as the Princess slept for 5 hours until 4:30, I would have been seriously cheesed off at missing out on the chance for uninterrupted sleep of that amount...

I awoke this morning and came downstairs to overhear BB tell Captain Chaos that it looked as though a tornado came through the house, and then saw...the disaster...apparently BB's "clean up the toys" method was simply to kick them all out of the center of the family room floor into a large pile against the hearth...and the method of "please put the dishes in the dishwasher and run it" was to pile them in the sink in soapy water. I will say that at least they were in soapy water and not just in the sink to dry up. But really...did he think I would be pleased to handwash a sink FULL of dishes first thing in the morning?!?!? If there is one thing that I had to choose to be anal about, it would be my kitchen...but as I get to be anal about as many things as I desire...I'm anal about my entire house.

SO...this morning, I ate my breakfast, and then put everything into the dishwasher, and turned it on. I swept and washed my kitchen floor, picked up all the toys and put them away, including putting the puzzles back together, the cars in their bucket, the Legos in theirs, and the other things where they go. Yes, I separate out things each naptime and bedtime...I'm a freak that way...

I then proceeded to our basement to finish the insane sorting and packing that BB started and never finished...OY! Who in their right mind unpacks EVERY SINGLE BOX OF JUNK, puts it on a table, and sorts through it that way?!?!?!?!?! I mean, seriously...would it not be easier, knowing that I'll be interrupted 8 times at least, to open a box, sort it, and pack it up?!?!?!


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Anonymous said...

Your party sounds heavenly, your organizational skills sound like Farmwife will be calling you soon..A great TwoFer for you both visiting and organizing.

Hugs to you.