February 23, 2008

Love is In the Air

Following Farmie's lead once again, and at the prompting she received from Emily...let me tell you about old boyfriends...

I really only had 5 total, which makes me sort of sad. I had dates with plenty of people after college, before BB...but nothing serious. And Farmie, I'm NOT putting The Biggest Regret on here.

First...there was Shawn. That was in 3rd grade. He was new to the area, his family was from Texas or Georgia, or somewhere deep in the heart of Dixie...which was my downfall even then...We "went out" for all of about 6 weeks. I really liked him a lot. As much as a 9 year old can like a boy anyway. After 6 weeks, I found out on the playground at recess one day that he had dumped me and was "going with" my good friend Mandy. How heartbreaking and it made me so mad. I mean, if you're going to dump someone, at least dump them to their face...don't let them find out from someone that wasn't even their friend... SIGH.

Both before and after that point, there were boys I liked. A lot...but alas, they never liked me back.

In the 6th grade, there was Jon. He was Irish...pug-nosed, stocky, a good 4 inches shorter than I was, sparkling blue eyes, dimples in his cheeks...he was CUTE! AND, he liked me. We went out for part of the summer in between 5th and 6th grade, and the first few weeks of school. He was my first date. Which was a shocker because my parents had always said no dating until I was 16. Of course, I had to pay for my own way to the movie, and his 2 best friends were there...so I'm still not sure if that actually counts as a date or not. At any rate, we held hands as we watched Beetlejuice (and now you know exactly how old I am!). Not quite 2 weeks after that, he dumped me for another girl, Kristi, whom I had known ever since kindergarten. Again, I found out about this after the fact, while we were waiting in line to go into school for the day. She was smug, he was suitably and appropriately embarassed to talk to me about it. The kicker about this is that this was during a time when our schools had only about 24 kids in each classroom for the grade, and only 2 classrooms per grade...so how could I NOT know that over the weekend I'd been dumped?!?!?

SIGH...I was wise throughout junior high school, and didn't pursue any boyfriends...I liked a couple boys...one of them quite a bit, and I suppose I sort of stalked him all things considered...but I digress...

My sophomore year of high school, I was in choir, and there was a boy, a tenor, named Sean. He was funny, outgoing, sang like an angel, and was this golden-haired, good-looking guy with these soulful brown eyes. My parents approved of him highly...and, to quote someone I know quite well "I chased him until he caught me". I totally maneuvered and manipulated my way into that relationship. We got quite serious, which was odd, as he was a senior, and we didn't start dating until March of that year. We stayed together, and I was, in fact dating him, wearing a promise ring when I met Farmie at college. I was convinced that we were going to be married after I graduated from college. So convinced, that I left the college in Illinois to come back home to Colorado after my freshman year, so that we could go to school together. We dated another year after that, and then he told me one day that he just "couldn't do it" anymore. No other reason...we hadn't fought, hadn't gotten physical (thank goodness for small miracles there!), I hadn't been unfaithful...in fact, I was so devoted to our relationship that my parents feared I was ruining my life...needless to say, right before my 21st birthday, just short of 5 years together, he broke up with me. 2 weeks later, he started dating an 18-year-old that he worked with. It was little comfort to me that about 5 weeks after her family paid for an expensive trip to Mexico and took him with them, he dumped her. AND all his other girlfriends and even his wife are amazingly similar to me in looks...oh the irony.

After that, I drifted through dates with desirable and undesirable guys...

I then met Rick. Farmie met Rick. Farmie's parents met Rick. FarmBoy met Rick. Alas...Rick was sweet, like a puppy dog. And, much like a puppy dog, rather slow on the uptake. (Sorry Farmie...he was sweet, but SO lifeless, and rather dumb). The only thing I can say about the summer I was Rick's girlfriend, was that we took an awesome road trip to Illinois to visit PreacherMan and his family (before they moved to the armpit of the world), and from there we drove down to Farmie's new digs with Gick and Di. We spent time out there, and then packed up yet again, and drove to QM's for the 4th of July. While there, Rick was baptized, and became a Christian. We came home, dated awhile longer, and on some crazy wild-hair idea, he decided to enlist, and broke things off, because he didn't want to "leave me behind not knowing if he'd be coming home"...This was in what? 1997?!?!?!?

After Rick, I again drifted...then met and made the biggest mistake of my life. I am in NO WAY ready to talk about that here...Farmie...you know why...as does QM...all I'll say about that was boy was I STUPID!!!!

For a year after the end of my mistake, I didn't date. I had friends, we hung out, had coffee, went dancing...but I didn't date. A year to the day that the mistake was rectified, I met BB.

He was hosting the young adults' Summer Kick-off BBQ at his house. He was funny, sweet, sort of shy, still feeling much like the goofy brain he'd been labeled in high school, but attractive, with a zest for life that appealed to me. We talked, and a group of us decided to go out to dinner after the BBQ was over and cleaned up. I discovered he had a motorcycle, and that was it. I was hooked. I weaseled a ride to the restaurant on the bike, and we started hanging out, and decided a few weeks later, when someone asked of if we were dating, that I guess we were. :) We dated for almost 18 months before he proposed to me on my birthday...in front of my parents and our closest friends...and 7 months later we were married.

And that's...the rest of the story...


emily said...

I like your story!

FarmWife said...

Too funny. I cannot here say what we call Rick around here. It's a tad PG-13. That was some trip!

You know, neither of us mentioned Rod. There are at least 4 bloggers who had a "run in" with him in some form. Oy!!