February 21, 2008

Thursday Stuff

Well, after my Inner Domestic Goddess played herself out (sorry Farmie and Ang!), I officially took today off!

This morning, Captain Chaos and I played, read, and ate Goldfish crackers. At 11, I called BB and told him we were coming to pick him up for lunch (He eats at a local pizza place once a week, because he knows the owner and eats for free). I packed up the kiddos, and headed to BB's office. We arrived for lunch, and ate leisurely, enjoying our calzones, and watching Captain eat his pizza with his fork, NO pizza sauce anywhere on his body!!! WOO HOO!!! We then had ice cream for dessert, and after I dropped BB off, we headed home.

The Captain is now napping in his bed, Princess is sleeping in her car seat (I'll wake her shortly to feed her the rest of her lunch), and I'm enjoying the silence. All I can hear is the clack of my typing, and the whir of the computer fan...ahhh blessed silence. I might actually take Princess upstairs and feed her in my bed, so I can snooze with her on my tummy while she eats...hmmmmm mighty tempting...

Of course, with my usual luck, Captain would wake up the instant I was in a deep sleep, and then I'd just be groggy the rest of the day.

I took Farmie's advice, and have pretty much started introducing whatever I want back into my diet. I am NOT cut out for tasteless food, and non-caffeinated beverages by any stretch of the imagination. I have decided that the only thing I will keep in minimal quantities are caffeinated beverages. You know, I'm not slugging an entire pot of coffee by myself or picking up a Super Double Big Gulp at the local 7Eleven of Mountain Dew (although that does sound awfully tasty). I will, however, have coffee in the morning, or a Coke at lunch. As long as it doesn't bother me, I'll eat or drink it. If it starts to really bother the Princess, I'll cut back.

After reading Farmie's post about being negligent in BabyGirl's vision, I decided to call our eye doctor...and our dentist to determine when we need to take the Captain in...I'm hoping the boy has my genetic coding for vision and dental...then he won't need glasses or braces! In the meantime, we're brushing daily, and shoving as many organic fruits and veggies down his throat as we can...along with lots of sunshine and milk. Now if we could just get him to eat fish...he'd be all set!

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