February 27, 2008

Change is Good!

This morning, my folks showed up around 9:30, I loaded Tiny Princess, my mom, and myself into my car, and we headed downtown to the salon for haircuts.

While Tiny Princess obviously does not need one, I desperately did...you see...I went in the first week of JUNE...right before Captain Chaos' first birthday for a cut and color...and hadn't been back since. I am not sure what exactly I was thinking when I decided not to cut my hair at all after finding out I was pregnant...SO...today was awesome!

I had a delightful scalp massage, a deep condition, a fantastic hair cut, a wonderful conversation with a friend, AND an hour of not having to respond to the Tiny Princess. I go back in 4 weeks for another cut. I am determined that I shall not go longer than 6 weeks between cuts...period. BB goes faithfully every 4 weeks, spends $15 at the local chain place by our grocery store, and think nothing of it, but when I schedule one for myself, he freaks out about my spending money! I could understand if I was getting a wax, a color, and a cut all at the same time, as that rapidly adds up to $100...HOWEVER...getting my hair cut at $25 with tip every 6 weeks is only an additional $40 above the annual amount BB pays for his upkeep. So, no more feeling guilty for me! I will not allow myself to become the shaggy, rag-tag stay-at-home cliche that so many people picture in their head when they think of us SAHMs.

My hair is short. My hair is cute. My hair is versatile. I have the option to not do anything with it after I wash it, other than comb the tangles out. I actually have some natural curl that showed up after Captain Chaos was born (God bless changing hormones!), which only appears when my hair is short. SO...I can be curly, I can be flippy, I can be sleek, I can be curled under, reminiscent of Jackie O...I. AM. IN. HEAVEN. Ahhhhhh...

Now, if only there was some way to have someone give me a scalp massage every time I wash my hair...hmmmmmm...

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