January 14, 2008

This Has GOT to End SOON...

OK...OK! I KNOW that there are only 8 days left but I have not slept for more than about 30 minutes at a time for the last 3 nights now...I know that once the baby comes home it will be like that for a while as we adjust to a newborn, and all the things that come along with that.

I feel fat, out of sorts, cranky, tired, like a beached whale, and my family is now fondly referring to the baby as "the Volkswagon". The ironic thing? I'm actually 14 pounds lighter than I was with Captain Chaos at this point...of course, when you feel like a whale, that doesn't offer much comfort.

I'm trying hard to remember that this is normal, and I will SOON not be fat and will be able to roll over, and actually sleep on my stomach again...YIPPEE!!!!

My hands are stiff, but not swollen, my back hurts, nothing sounds appealing to eat...and I'm sitting here avoiding housework...ME...the OCD queen...I LIVE by my house being tidy, vacuumed, picked up, nothing on my counters to clutter up the room...and I'm sitting here looking at yesterday's newspaper, some toys on the floor, and lots of laundry...plus the vacuuming...

I thought at this point I was supposed to be NESTING, not RESTING! *SIGH*

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