January 11, 2008

The Power of a Name

Well, the votes were cast, BB and I, after much discussion, have decided upon names.

I'm not sure about sharing them here, but I will tell you that Captain Chaos has a good strong name from the Bible, and his little brother or sister will also. The names will also honor some grandparents and great-grandparents...so the poor little thing will have much to live up to!

OK, that's not really true about the living up to thing...I know that my children have their own unique personalities and character...and no matter what we name them, they will be their own people. My hope is that BB and just don't warp them beyond societal acceptance. I don't mind quirky people, but when they require therapy and medication to be "normal" that's not good...besides, I don't want to be one of those parents in the paper "We just don't understand why little Johnnie took his father's gun to school"...or something like that...

Here's hoping that Number 2 is as much fun as Number 1 has been so far, and that we don't mess them up too badly as they grow! Although with my warped humor (as Farmie can attest to), and BB's strange taste in hobbies...they may just be doomed to geek-dom from the start!


FarmWife said...

You have to email me and tell me the names. I'm so excited!!

Anonymous said...

What she said!