January 09, 2008


Well, you may have noticed my little baby ticker changing numbers and days...that is because our doctor told us one date early on, changed it halfway through, and then we finally got the go-ahead for the "schedule your appointment" and we were scheduled for January 22nd.

I am STILL not convinced that I'll make it another 13 days...but each day and each night is one more step closer to what my brother calls a "properly cooked little one". He's so eloquent and reassuring in his speech isn't he?

I read Farmie's waxing post just a few moments ago, before I began my own post today and I must admit, I know EEEZackly what she's talking about. If you could just pick one moment in time and freeze everything...how wonderful it would be. Of course, then I come back to reality (not having children out of toddler-hood yet, I'm deliciously ignorant) and think of how much fun each and every day and discovery is.

Take this morning for instance. While I struggled NOT to snooze on the couch, Captain Chaos sat at his adorable table and chairs (from Grandma and Grandpa in Oregon - have I mentioned lately how MUCH BB's folks really do rock, even with all my reservations and dislikes?) and played quietly, on his own, with his Legos for AN HOUR. That's right...he sat for one entire hour, 60 minutes, and built and unbuilt Lego towers, and something resembling a bird, of which he was very proud...and when he was all done, and I realized what time it is, and that he needed to take his nap, I got up quietly, filled up his cup with milk, and brought it to him at his table. He jumped up, shouted his delight, and then sat quietly at his table, drank his milk, ate his graham cracker sticks, and then got up, took his cup and napkin into the kitchen (a first believe me!), and stood trying to put his cup into the sink. After he tried a couple of times, he came over to me, tugged on my arm, and said "UP" as clear as day, put his cup in the sink, and said "Seep, Mama", and we walked upstairs to his room, where he has now been napping for the last 25 minutes, without a peep!

As much as I am looking forward to having a new baby, that is tiny (I hope - see BBs description if you don't believe me), and totally dependent on me for everything...I realized this morning, just how amazing it is that in the last 19 months and 8 days (give or take a couple hours) all the things that the Captain has learned how to do...I never really stopped to think about that until this morning, and I'm blown away how all these amazing things happen in the first 24 months of your child's life...and yet we spend the rest of our lives looking for things like "you can tie your shoes", "you can ride a bike" and the like...while those are amazing, isn't it even more amazing to remember that your helpless newborn in just 12 weeks learns how to smile, and respond to you? And then by 6 months is holding themselves upright, sitting up, rolling around, sometimes crawling (I admit, CC is a little on the "late" side due to his XL Status, but still)...and all the other incredibly amazing things that come along? I mean, a newborn learns how to eat in the first hours of their life...how amazing is that?!?!?!

Alright, that's enough...as you can see, I'm getting to the "incredibly emotional pregnant lady" stage...good thing we're in the last 2 weeks!!!! In fact, I watched "A Baby Story" on TLC Monday, and cried through the whole thing! If you saw either episode, you'll get it...one was a lady having #3, scheduled C-Section, and all the things about which she was concerned came crashing down on my head...I never even imagined THOSE as possibilities...I'm just happy I don't have to worry about how long I'll be in labor, because I technically will never go into labor...and the other episode was a family bringing home #5, and her opinion on family, and children also hit me hard...especially in the midst of our financial issues...I mean, seriously, a BMW and expensive everything else seem like nice things, but would your Cartier watch, Manolo Blahnik shoes, and Chanel suit really take such good care of you when you're 80? I don't think so...now if there was a way that we could have the herd of children I'd like, and have a little bit more comfortable finances, that would be swell, but I'd take the houseful of kids any day...

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Anonymous said...

ok..I want a baby again..but this time I don't want them to grow up and I don't want them to learn anything else besides I love you momma, hugs and kisses and then we're gonna go live in a bubble.Cause the teenagers I got now and the wannabe teenager can drive this momma nuts at times and crave the days they were babies.