January 08, 2008

My Funny Boy

Today was my Moms' group at Church...always a welcome diversion and feeding time for me. I get to enjoy real food, real fellowship, and food for my heart and soul as well. We are SO blessed with our mentor moms and their wisdom...today, we talked about JOY bringing happiness and excitement...it was JUST what I needed to hear, especially after the loooooooong talk BB and I had about finances...simplifying and reducing, getting down and dirty between "wants" and "needs"...talk about filling me up...I drank it in like a survivor crawling out of the desert and getting a drink of cold water.

I also had the wonderful opportunity to drop Captain Chaos off at his class, which had doubled in size because they moved up ALL the other walkers today...there were like 20 kids in there today, instead of the normal 10 - 12. Poor little thing...not that he cared...I got there and he was running around saying "Baa! Baa!" and another little boy was following him and saying "moo!"...who knew kids played farm animal?!?!?! He gave all his teachers big hugs today and blew kisses all the way out the door, and proceeded to tell me in his own unique language (which still amazingly resembles Mandarin) all about class, and his crackers...he fell asleep in my arms on the way up to his bed, clutching his project in one hand and his cup of milk in the other.

It is sunny, clear, and about 38 degrees outside today. I have yet another load of laundry going (CC had a little "overflow" last night, and I changed his sheets this morning before going to Church), have 2 more loads after that. I'm pulling out the bottles and getting them washed and sterilized (just in case the whole nursing thing doesn't work with Baby#2 either). Everything else is DONE for the baby that can be done, except for its being born.

My mom and her group of quilting friends have now agreed that they will be surprised if we last past the weekend...no matter BB's "threat" that they stay put until after 10pm on the 21st. That way, he won't miss any football...That still totally makes me laugh.

We have officially entered the "terrible toddler" stage. I can't and won't say "terrible 2s" because I KNOW that Captain will go to one of two extremes. He will either breeze through the whole temper tantrum stage, and be done before his birthday in June, OR he will milk it for all its worth, and make it last until he starts kindgergarten...in which case, I will be auctioning him off on EBay...which I have decided is really the spawn of Satan on the internet...

I have also decided to start teaching beginning piano lessons in the late summer/early fall to help supplement our income. I realized that with only a few hours invested each week, I can make enough money to cover groceries at the least, and the timeshare payment at the most...pray that I'll be able to handle teaching other people's children about music...and that I will be disciplined to do it, along with setting up a recital once a year! OY...what have I gotten myself into?!?!?!?


Anonymous said...

I bet you'll have lots of parents and children interested in your piano lessons. Sending up prayers..I know you'll be great

FarmWife said...

How is it I didn't know you played piano? That's very strange!

You can handle it. I'll send the FarmHands for a month this summer & you can teach them all to play Chopin. It will rock!

Kork said...

Farmie - I have NO idea how that was missed in all our conversations...and I'd LOVE to have your kids out here, under 1 condition...YOU have to come too!!! Wouldn't that be a blast?!?!?!? Ask FarmBoy if he'd let you...I'm sure he wouldn't notice you and the kiddos being gone... :)