December 19, 2007

Much Better...

Phew, did I need to blow off that steam...

And I must admit that I have not really been avoiding Christmas cheer...the lights are up, the tree is beautiful, the stockings are hung, all the fun little decorations are out, and there have been several batches of successful cookie baking, along with yummy fudge, and present wrapping.

Captain Chaos is however, coming down with something...pray that it is nothing more than a simple cold. He coughed a lot last night in his sleep, thankfully did NOT wake up, but this morning, had a very runny nose. He's showing no fever, still eats, drinks, and plays normally, but is obviously a snotty little boy today. We went to our chiropractor today and had him adjusted, and are now praying that this will keep the sniffles from turning inot something else.

My dear Farmie and her stories of strep throat have me petrified that we'll be spending the weeks leading up to the baby with a sick little boy...NOT the ideal situation.

I still have gifts left to purchase for BB, and some small things for my folks. I am thankful that with a large family, we don't buy gifts for all my siblings and their children. As much fun as it would be to send Christmas gifts to Africa in September, I'm SO thankful that we don't have to spend more money. I love my family, but holy moley there's a lot of them! :)

I can hear Captain Chaos talking to his menagerie, which means he's almost ready to get up from his nap and play with the rest of his toys.

OH! I almost forgot! Last week, Mom and I spent the entire day washing folding and sorting baby clothes...which now have to be put into the dresser in the nursery. And we got a call from my a good friend offering us their old crib. Her boys are in 3rd and 1st grade, but her sister-in-law used the crib for her little girls, and they are now done with it, and brought it back to her. SO, Captain Chaos will not have to abandon his crib for the new baby until he is ready. Pray that he is ready soon! I can't keep lifting him into a crib...

Still to come for Baby #2 - putting away clothes. Raising crib mattress and digging out baby bath, bassinette, and the port-a-crib for daytime sleeping. Thankfully, I have the carrier all ready, so I'll be able to have baby with me as I work around the house and get braver and attempt outings.

Things to pray for - my sanity and physical well-being over the coming weeks. I truly do NOT think we'll be making it all the way to our scheduled date of Jan pray that I will not overdo all the things I think need doing before the baby comes. I know, I know, I'm crazy to think my husband might like some "real" food for dinner while I'm in the hospital, or might like to know that all his underwear is clean before we go...and NOT have to do a load of laundry before he can come see me. Because he would actually just wear yesterday's boxers and then go buy some...OY!

Also pray that we'll have the wisdom to know what to do financially. As we prepare to welcome this new little one, we realized that we're only going to be spending more pray that I will have a quick and full recovery, and that I can convince my folks to come watch the kids for a couple mornings/afternoons a week, so I can be holding MK appointments...any extra income will help, and I have all I need to do Mary Kay...

Pray for BB, that he'll have a good run of evenings with the Capt, and not feel like he's sacrificing time with either of our children during the first week, while I'm in the hospital.

Pray for my folks, who will bravely be watching the Capt during the day, and lugging him to the hospital to see Mama and the new baby.

Pray for the Capt, that he'll have a good transition with the new Baby.

Most of all, pray for my sister. She is still needing LOTS of prayers (this can be passed on to anyone you like) as she goes through the rehab program. Pray that God will work miracles in her life, and that she'll be healed of her addictions, and that this time away will heal from her need for the "bad seed" that she was involved with before. We sent some things to her, but her list is long, and includes things like "money for the vending machine". I'd rather send her some home made cookies, but that is not allowed. She's asking for lots of big things like coats, shoes, and the like, which is NOT easy at anytime, but especially difficult during the holiday, when things are stretched tight. Pray for my folks, as Mom is still hurting over the things that went on in the raising of my sister, and is trying very hard to be forgiving, and all the other "things" she thinks she's supposed to be as a Christian.

That's all for now...I have cookies to bake!

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prayers for all of you going up. hugs and love