December 20, 2007

All Things Bright and Beautiful

I had a trip to the dentist this morning, and was SO pleased to hear my incredibly hot male hygienist tell me that I've got the cleanest teeth he's ever seen! I didn't have the heart to tell him the I rarely floss...and that I'm just not very good at brushing my teeth to begin with. I mean, sure I brush daily, but sometimes, it is just the last thing I want to do...those are usually the days I'd rather spend in my pj's on the couch watching soap operas...

I left my dad with Captain Chaos this morning, and they apparently had a blast! They spent the time I was gone playing "crash the cars" and "drive the cars on the puzzles", as well as "dump the bucket of cheerios and raisins on the floor". Seriously though, i don't think I've seen my dad smile or laugh so much as he does when he's with the cool is it to know that my folks take as much delight in my child as I do? I mean, even stinky diapers are less burdensome when they come from the Captain. Imagine how awesome it will be with 2!?!??!?!

Spoke with my MIL this morning, and was told to expect AT LEAST 4 more boxes over the next days...poor UPS man is going to know my neighborhood like the back of his hand after this...she apparently went a little overboard with gifts for us and the boy...but we're not complaining! We love knowing that they love us, and that they not only want to do things for us, but they are able to...and they love it! They treat both us and CalCustom very well materially.

Captain Chaos is suddenly a wellspring of development. In the last week he has gone from point and grunt to saying "down", "up", "done", "more", "daddy", "ma" (little stinker refuses to say Mama!), he can "baaaa" like a sheep, "moo" like a cow, and tries really hard to say "meow". He also says "octopus", "caterpillar", and "applesauce" (ok, not clearly, but he knows what he's saying and points to the picture of the octopus or caterpillar when he says "ah-va-puv", and "cabberpibber", and looks right at his dish and spoon full of applesauce and says proudly "abblebob". I'm incredibly proud of him (and slightly relieved)!!!! I must admit I was getting a bit nervous that the boy was NEVER going to talk, but would go through life pointing and grunting. I mean, he IS a boy, and WILL do that for most of his communication, but at least I know he CAN talk and chooses not to...

Seriously, he is leaps and bounds each day, and while the doctor saw no cause for concern, I still worried a bit that something might be wrong. What parent doesn't worry that there's something horrible that the doctor will find on the next visit?

His newest thing is to do the "I'm a little teapot", and tip himself so far that he falls down, and when we do "head and shoulders" he gets all excited about the knees and toes part to the extent of forgetting about the head and shoulders! his version is simply "knees and toes, knees and toes" with an occasional "nose" thrown in there for variety...

We have discovered Bunnytown on weekend Playhouse Disney. If you receive the Disney channel...check out the listings. It is very cute, done by some group that I think is Australian, and they have bunnies of all different colors that do all sorts of things including go to school, write poetry, sing songs, have crunchy carrot festivals, and their king takes royal nappy nappy naps. The Bunnytown band reminds me very much of Sir Paul McCartney, and each episode they do the Bunnytown Hop, to which the Captain happily bobs along and rocks back and forth in time tot he music and proudly says "ha ha ha!" when they sing the "hop hop hop" line.

And now that I have typed away precious minutes in which I should be wrapping BB's gifts, and vacuuming the cat hair off my carpet, I shall sign off, and get back to the duties of Mommyness. Not that I mind...I actually LIKE sick am I?!?!?!?!?


Anonymous said...

somebody's fun with CC today...Get some rest..hugs

FarmWife said...

I love watching QM & Pa with my kids. Pa has beatin' time with them whenever they visit. He takes off his pager, phone, glasses, & watch, lays down on the floor & they all pile up on him. It's a riot!

That moment when they suddenly bloom as a toddler facinates me. One minute they're a grunting baby, and the next they're understandable & learning new words every minute. I love CC's applebob & octopus! Too funny!

And just so you don't feel bad, BabyGirl didn't call me 'Mama' until the day #1 Son was born. She called me 'Ba' for nearly a year.