November 07, 2007


I am SO proud of my dear friend FarmWife! Who knew that a simple haircut would inspire some simple changes that would raise her spirits?!?!?!

I have to say that I experienced my own little revolution earlier this summer, after a similar haircut...all of a sudden I was inspired to actually style my hair, which then led me to putting on my makeup each day. After all, how can you have "fancy" hair, and an unmade face? Of course, that then led to the need to have some cute clothes to wear.

Which led to a little dilemma for see, I have this adorable, in style wardrobe...that I can only wear when I'm pregnant. However...once the baby is born, I will no longer have anything trendy and attractive to wear, only clothes that are several years old, and dreadfully out of today, as I sit preparing the clothes for the new baby, and doing laundry to get ready for our trip, I'm realizing that the clothing in my closet is NOT going to make me feel like a Hot Mom...which I desperately need to be...but I cannot just run out and spend money on new clothes...

I'm looking for a few good ideas as to how to revamp my wardrobe and style without breaking the bank...or depending on gifts from my mom throughout the

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Anonymous said...

do you have local consignment shops where you could take some of your clothes in for sale or trade for other clothes?