November 07, 2007

Extra Extra!

Well, in case you've been tracking the little ticker on my'll notice a jump in how far along we are.

We talked to our doc at our last visit, and it sounds as though our scheduled date will be January 15~ leaving me ONLY 69 days to be ready for a new baby, and to leave Capt Chaos at home with my folks...YIKES!!!!!!!

Apparently, our hospital only likes to do scheduled C-Sections on Tuesdays...and our doctor doesn't like to leave things til later, in case I actually go into labor. Kind of scary the things that could happen to me and the baby if I did go into labor, so pray that the 15th is early enough for that not to happen, BUT late enough that the baby will be fine.

I know, I know...things should be just fine...but it still worries me that we're forcing this baby to be born before they're ready...but, I feel selfish wanting to NOT schedule a C-Section, simply because of all the things that could go wrong...

At any rate...that's our news...all is well with both the baby and me, and now we just wait...but not for long!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

sending prayers up for a happy healthy baby

FarmWife said...

Wow! I'm so excited to meet the new mini you!

I had c-section issues too. In the end I decided it was best for Bitsy & her health was what was most important.