November 05, 2007

How Time Flies

Well, here it is, already almost 1pm on Monday did the morning get away from me?

I was up early this morning (something about that internal alarm clock that wakes you up right before the kiddos awaken), and was actually ready to go for my day (unheard of on a Monday around here), and had made BB's lunch, and done a load of laundry.

After breakfast, BB decided he didn't feel too well, and wanted me to make a doctor's appointment for him. I had already decided I needed to do that for myself, as I've been feeling a mite poorly since late Friday night. I had originally attributed it to the hard work I did that day, and the Mexican we had for my birthday dinner that night. However, after Saturday morning, and it not going away, I started to think perhaps something was wrong...I struggled through Sunday, and woke this morning feeling pretty lousy.

This, by the way, was NOT normal "I'm pregnant" not feeling good...this was down and out cruddy feeling...sore throat, stuffed head, yucky cough (which didn't start til last night), and an upset tummy (which was all weekend). Being cautious, I didn't want to take something, especially when EVERYTHING says "If you're pregnant, consult a physician" I drank lots of water, lots of caffeine free tea, and tried to sleep as much as I could yesterday. Too bad we are winterizing the outside of the house before we head off to the land of in-laws...and somehow, BB cannot do these things without my help...

At any rate, after scheduling our doctor appointments, BB decided that he would just work from home this morning, and head out after his appointment. I scurried around to get Captain Chaos ready for our outing, changed over the laundry yet again, took care of the pets, and began the round of what I like to call "BB's To Do List that He Delegated to Me"...this is where he hands off things that "need to get done" that he can't do from or during work for various reasons. I was able to take care things he swore would take me hours in about 15 minutes...and then we were off to the doc, only to be diagnosed as sinus infection in me, and chronic sinusitis in BB. Then it was off to the pharmacy to pick up the prescriptions, and back home to gulp down some lunch, feed the Captain, and throw him into bed for a nap. I am now sitting on the couch (thank heaven for wireless internet setups!), delaying the inevitable of heading upstairs to what is supposed to be my guest room, where I will pack up a 17 gallon plastic tub with office supplies...yes, that is right...folders, pens, sticky notes, paper...enough to fill a tub that size. Once that is done, I will make Captain Chaos' big boy bed up with sheets, and plot where I'd like to hang his new race cars and racing flags on the walls, and when he awakens, I'll empty his dresser, and move it into the guest room, so that Grammy and Poppa can paint the nursery while we're out of town.

I think I need a nap just reading that...OY!

Well, enough of delaying the inevitable...I'd better get cracking, as I only have until Thursday to get my lengthy list of things done before we head out of town...that way, when we get back, I can decorate for Christmas, send out gifts, and cards, and then spend the remaining time washing and folding baby clothes for Baby#2...

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Anonymous said...

hope you start to feel better soon. hugs.