October 19, 2007

Update on the Prayer requests

WHEW! What a week this has been...what with preparing for BB's birthday, and all the running around for doctor's appointments, I am WIPED OUT!

1 - the glucose test was a breeze, now we just wait for the doc to let us know what it said!

2 - Captain Chaos' test yesterday was AWESOME as far as results go!!! The visit itself stunk, but what can you do??? We got there at the appointed check-in time of 12:45, stood at the counter for 15 minutes while the nice receptionist ignored me. We were then taken back to the "Intake Room" where they measured and weighed the Capt. He is 32.5 inches tall, and weighs 27 pounds. (no wonder my arms are all ripped!) We then went back to the exam room where she took his BP, and hooked him up to about 27 different electrodes for the EKG. After that, she said, "now Dr V says we're doing sedated, but I'm going to check on that" I said "Feel free, but the reason we're here is that the non-sedated ultrasound was a bust, and we decided that this was the only way to go". She said "OK, someone will be in to talk with you about that in a few minutes then." After waiting for 30 minutes, a nurse stuck her head in, and asked if anyone had been in to talk to us about the sedation, or given him his medicine yet. After we straightened that out, we waited another 30 minutes before being talked to, medicine given, and then off to the ultrasound room where they did the imaging of his little heart. Everything looks great, the fistulae haven't changed AT ALL in the 3 months since our last appointment, and we don't have to go back for a whole year! And Versed is the coolest stuff in the world! It didn't make Capt Chaos sleep, just made him act drunk, and he's a very affectionate drunk! I had the snuggliest, huggiest little boy all afternoon yesterday, and he was all mellow and quiet. It was actually sort of comical to watch the effects: he was glassy eyed, and his little cheeks were all rosy...he was sitting there beside me and just started leaning over a little bit, and could not right himself. Its a good thing I knew the why and wherefore of it all, or I would have freaked!

3 - the ultrasound for Minimus (Baby#2) went very well today. I was a little fearful when the tech asked "Now, we just saw you in August, why are we seeing you today?" But after we explained what was up, she was like "OK. The orders just said 'ultrasound', so I wasn't sure." We were there for about an hour, and got see the coolest images of the heart, the head, our little baby's face, hands and feet. She was very careful to avoid any direct shots of "boy" or "girl" evidence, so that secret is safe with the baby and God. Her comment on our original issue was "everything looks good, I just want to get enough images to prove it to the doctor". The tech has 3 kids herself, so she understands the need for clear cut evidence, and the ability that it has to quell any fears the parents may have.

Please keep praying for a good weekend with BB's birthday. He's off golfing with his good friend today at the local country club. We do NOT normally golf at the country club, so this was a BIG surprise to BB, as it quite spendy. I know he'll enjoy it.

Captain Chaos is walking laps around the main floor of the house dragging his little tykes john deere impersonation tractor around...not riding it, pulling it behind him by the steering wheel...next he will tip it over, and inspect it from nose to tail, looking for problems that only his 16 month old mind can conceive. He will then carry on a conversation with me in his non-English, smile, and laugh over his jokes, and torment the kitties.

We had Chinese the other day with Poppa, and Captain Chaos was fascinated by a group of local business people who had some visitors from China that were conversing in what I assume was Mandarin. He looked and looked and then smiled and turned to me and babbled on and on about something. Poppa is convinced that he's been speaking Mandarin the last 6 months...maybe there is something to that theory...


Anonymous said...

I'll keep praying for positive test results for everyone. I'm glad everything went relatively well. Did you video tape Captain Chaos in his Affectionate Mode? Enjoy the weekend!

Queen Mother said...

I'm glad things were good with his tests! Now if only they handed that affectionate stuff out for mommies...
(BTW, this is Farmie...I'm just in QM's blog at the moment)

FarmWife said...

Oh, and we were convinced BabyGirl spoke Arabic for the first 18 months of her life.