October 21, 2007

Its Here! Its FINALLY HERE!!!!

I awoke this morning (very, very early) to the sound of rain driving against our bedroom window. About 30 seconds later, there was lightning...and then, around 7 this morning, while I was getting ready for Church, I looked out our window to see flakes!

You read that correctly...FLAKES, as in SNOW! We had our first official snow. As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't need to stick to the ground to count as "snowfall"...you know, fall, as in...coming down out of the area above me...that's what it was doing!

I admit, it was a heavy, wet snow, and there was no sticking to anything but my hair, and it stopped before lunch, but the big, giant, fluffy flakes falling and swirling was an awesome sight to see!

And, about 2, the sun was back, it was a blue sky, and gorgeous fall afternoon, about 45, and the smell of fall was in the air!!!


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Anonymous said...

holy crow, Snow????