October 17, 2007

Please Pray for Us...

Today, I had to do my "simple" glucose test...this is the one (for you non-pregnant folks out there) where you get to drink 10 ounces of syrupy sweet stuff in a 5-minute time period, and then sit around for an hour, and then have your blood drawn to see if you have gestational diabetes...which can result in some serious stuff with the baby and the mom after birth.

Needless to say, with the upcoming 3-week trip to my in-laws for Thanksgiving, my doctor is very worried about what will happen if I end up having to take the 3-hour test, which is a fasting test, with the same sort of thing, only worse, and longer! (yuck). Please pray that the test results will come back and show I'm normal...or at least that my blood sugar levels are normal. (no cracks from those that know me, please!)

Tomorrow, we drive an hour south to the local children's hospital where Captain Chaos has to have a sedated ultrasound on his heart. For those that don't know, or weren't reading FarmWife's blog back in February of this year, we spent 3 days at our children's hospital while Captain Chaos fought, was treated for, and recovered from Kawasaki Syndrome. Very scary, very exhausting, and the long term effects can be some pretty serious heart conditions. Up until April, his heart was showing healthy (with the exception of a benign murmur). In April, the doctor saw something called fistulae (which are basically a bad connection outside the heart, causing blood to not flow correctly). These can go away on their own, never change size, or, in the worst case, grow, and require surgery to close up. Needless to say, your prayers are coveted at this time, and going forward that God's hand would be on Andrew's heart, closing up the gaps, and keeping him whole, healthy, and growing into the man God would have him be. This is the toughest for me, as odd as it sounds, because we had to go through a lot to get Captain Chaos in the first place, and I'm not very good of letting go what I feel is mine...it is hard fro me to imagine my little monkey not being able to play and run and romp like the rest of the little boys his age do.

Finally, Friday, we have another ultrasound for Baby #2, or Minimus, as BB has taken to referring to the baby as. Our first "big" ultrasound was early enough that things caused concern, and required a further check-up. Well, that check-up will be this week...please pray that all things that caused concern 8 weeks ago will be corrected, and that the baby will be fine. Worst case scenario? Bed rest for the remaining months until the baby can be safely delivered...not an east thing to think of when I have a 16 1/2 month old running around, and a house to run...YIKES!

It's funny how all things seem to conglomerate all at once like this isn't it? Ok, maybe not funny, but ironic nonetheless...

Please keep us in your prayers over the upcoming days!

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Anonymous said...

prayers are going up for you guys.