October 15, 2007

A Funny Thing Happened...

Ok, I just have to ask, does anyone else ever wonder WHY exactly it is that the toilet clogs at the MOST inopportune moments in life?!?!?!?

You know, your MIL is arriving in about 30 seconds, and you still need about 30 hours to prepare for her arrival, knowing that she'll be doing the "white glove test" and checking behind ears, or whatever her quirky little things are that she looks for...and then, as you're making the sprint for the bathroom, realizing that you haven't gone ALL MORNING, and you'd better before she gets here, because you know she'll be offended if you leave here for more than 30 seconds to refill her drink??? And then, as you flush, you just know in your gut that nothing is happening?!??!

Or, in my case...at 2am...BB, who is dealing with round 2 of the cold Capt Chaos and I had a while back (do NOT ask me about this - he's driving me nuts!), gets up, with an upset stomach, uses our bathroom, and has to go in search of the plunger (thank goodness it was up here from last time!), and unclog said toilet...I will give him this...it was the QUIETEST trip to the bathroom that man has ever taken in the whole time I've known him...but he DID wake me up sometime after he got back into bed to ask me, if I'd noticed the toilet was clogged, or was it running funny before I went to bed.

Now I ask of you, WHY in the name of all that is good and right in the world would you EVER, in a million years, think that waking up your 6 months pregnant wife out of a sound sleep to ask her if she noticed the toilet wasn't working quite right?!?!?!!?!?

Of course, in the 37 degree morning, with the clouds all pink in the sunrise, it was a lot funnier than it was at 3 am...but still...

If the roles were reversed, and I'd unclogged the toilet in the middle of the night, do you think I'd have woken him up to ask him if he noticed it was running funny???? No, I would NOT...simply because I know that he is of the type that for some reason, cannot, will not, or simply is unable to remember things from the day before...GRRRRRRR

Is this what they meant when I promised for better or for worse? And, then...is this better, or is this worse???? I shudder to think of what is yet to come as we grow old, wrinkly, and senile together!!!!


FarmWife said...

Next time answer him in incoherent mumbles and he'll go away...trust me! ;)

Anonymous said...

so the plunger now rests on his pillow on his side of the bed with a sign that says"Rest in Peace" after the MIL left right? No??? Oops..