October 11, 2007

Good Friends Really Do Matter

To make a good day even better, I have 2 great things to relate...at least in my mind they are great.

One is obvious, and would make most people's day better. My folks were recently notified by a bank here in town that bought a bank that was around forever, and at which we had a safe deposit box, that they only had a specified amount of time left before their rate would either skyrocket, they could close their box, OR, they could open an account, and maintain a minimum balance of $5000, to keep their box. That being said, they decided to close the box, buy a fire-safe, and put all the important documents etc in THAT box.

After going to the bank, and clearing out the good old safe deposit box, they called me to tell me they had my original birth certificate, and a bundle of US Savings Bonds, totaling around $400. I said cool, I'll come by this afternoon and get them.

Well, Mom swung by after her doctor's appointment this morning, and presented them to me, and said wisely "You'll have to go inside your bank to redeem these", and then we chatted about Capt Chaos, and other things that we normally chat about.

Not thinking anything of it, I went about my morning, finishing up laundry (who can tell me how 5 days worth of clothes morphed into that many loads?!??!!?), and some other little things, like catching up on the mail that came while we were gone, and paying the bills that came in said mail.

After lunch, I loaded up the Captain, ran to the Motor Vehicle office to get a title and registration for BBs new used motorcycle, and then headed to the bank. The MV experience was really good, took only 15 minutes (for a town of 100,000, that's impressive), and the bank was LOOONG lines. However, a wonderful lady took care of me, checked her reference manual on what to do with US Savings Bonds, and we began the lengthy process of signing, and stamping, and depositing. She started talking about interest, and the varying rates, dependent upon the purchase date and a bunch of other stuff, so I thought, well, maybe they doubled in the last 30 years...much to my delight, I am now the proud recipient of a little more than 4 times the face value! WOO HOO! That was totally unexpected, and such a blessing to me!!!!

The second thing was a slew (is that a real word by the way??? if not, I'm declaring it one on my blog) of compliments from various friends, some bloggers, some not about the post regarding CalCustom. I just want to say thank you to all who've had the chance to read and respond to it. It really meant a lot to me to know that people are still sincere, nice, and know how and when to support someone!

Now that I'm all weepy thinking about it again (darn baby hormones! I cried at a Geico commercial the other day!)...I'm going to put sheets on my bed and call it a day!

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Anonymous said...

Score for RAINY DAY SUPRISE!! YAHOOO for you!!!