September 27, 2007

Why I LOVE my Mom!

Today was an absolutely wonderful day for Captain Chaos and I. We had a great time this morning as he played in his bath, and then, actually got out without a minor meltdown (he's my little fish!), and had a wonderful breakfast.

After breakfast, we packed up the bag with goodies, and picked up my mom for a day of shopping and lunch to celebrate her birthday (which was actually in July, but due to darn old morning sickness was postponed). We headed up the road to my favorite shopping center and as I had a few errands to run, we did that first, and found some incredible deals on winter stuff for Captain Chaos. Much to my surprise, as I was shopping for some Sunday clothes to modestly cover my ever expanding body and get me through the next 16 weeks, she found some really cute things, and out of the blue said "I'll buy those for you", and proceeded to spend a good amount of money on me...

Now, the spending is NOT why I love my mom, simply a part of the reason why I'm glad she's close by, because she can go with me to do these things!!!

The reason I love my mom is that NOT ONCE during the trying on of things did she have a negative thing to say to anyone! This is important because, in the next dressing room over, was a young lady with her own mother, shopping for maternity items. It was obviously her first pregnancy as she was having a hard time thinking ahead to the point where she would feel like a circus tent...and her mother kept saying "Do you really think that pattern is good when your belly is already the size of a basketball? All it does is make you look even larger, and you have 5 months to go. I don't care if you're having twins, you needn't advertise to the whole world that you're pregnant." Needless to say, I was appalled! Poor little thing...she was only about a size 2 to begin with, and she had a little bump...NOT what I would think of with halfway through a multiple... As I walked out to show a sweater and skirt, this other mother sort of sneered in my direction and said to my mom, "well that color is...interesting...with her skin isn't it?" And my mother, bless her tender heart simply smiled and looked at me and said "I love it, and it makes your eyes stand out! Let's buy it."

Now, that isn't even the most amazing this time, the young mom-to-be walked out in an adorable outfit that was so perfect for her, and my mom and the sales girl both just went nuts over it, praising her choice...while her own mother walked out of the store and said over her shoulder that she was tired and was going for coffee...

It just made me think how blessed I am to have had a wonderful and sound family life. Now I know that this isn't the case for everyone, but aren't you glad that you have the choice to make your life, and those of your loved ones happy and blessed?!?!?!

After we got back to the car, and headed off to lunch, my mom just reached over and patted my hand and told me how much she loved me.

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FarmWife said...

How sweet. I hope your mom reads this!