September 26, 2007

Conundrum Part 2


I get so sick of the same old recipes over and over again, but do NOT want to break the bank, and would LOVE to be part of FarmWife's recipe exchange group...

I will never understand how my mother managed to feed a family of 7 on such a tight budget but we never felt like all we ate was casseroles or ground beef! FW is somewhat lucky with her hens laying, and the ability to get farm fresh beef and pork, and a huge garden, but for those of us who aren't so lucky...

Homemade Gourmet is a home-based business, much like Mary Kay (which I happen to sell), or Pampered Chef with the awesome idea and product of FOOD...everyone has to eat right?!?!?! This Christian company has the mission to bring families back to the dinner table, and its basically packets of fresh seasonings with recipes, and the individuals cost anywhere from 4.75 to 7.50. They're totally awesome, I love them, and think they rock...

My friend and neighbor Annette is a distributor, and I can get her info to you if you're interested.

Their website is

Sorry these aren't links...having issues with my inner techie today!

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