September 28, 2007

What to do When Hubby Works At Home

My darling hubby, BB, is privileged enough to work for a company that allows him to work remotely, and his manager allows him to work from home once a week to help save on fuel costs, as well as to be "green". While this is helpful, and cuts down on our gassing up the car, it does make life a little more difficult.

You see, BB has an office that is a good size, about 12 x 13 or so, with a beautiful oak executive desk (purchased before our marriage, or I would have chosen cherry...). HOWEVER, he would rather sit in his La Z Boy, with his laptop, and watch TV all day while he "works". Not normally an issue, as before Captain Chaos, he was home alone. Now, however, Captain Chaos likes to run around, and make loud boy noises with his cars, which still sort of bothers BB.

So today, while Captain Chaos was napping, I did laundry, all 7 loads of it, ironed, cleaned the bathrooms, washed the floors, changed the sheets and washed them, and started sorting out BB's clothes for his trip. He leaves on Sunday, and Captain Chaos and I join him on Wednesday. Now, that all that is done, we can spend the rest of the weekend doing fun things, like shopping!!!

BB's in desperate need of work clothes, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out, why he thinks it is ok to only have 4 pairs of trousers...thank goodness that my favorite local store is having a 50% off sale this weekend!! Woohoo for discounts!!!

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FarmWife said...

I would love it if Husband could work from home...but I doubt he'd get much done with 4 little people climbing on him!

Sounds like your inner domestic goddess got loose today too!