September 25, 2007

On the Sunny Side

We woke today to MORE RAIN, and all I could think of was "Oh no, another dreary day"...I must admit I was experiencing an Eeyore funk of rather large proportions yesterday...

After we headed off to the Moms group at my Church, and I spent some time hearing encouraging words of one of our Mentor Moms, it really made me sit up and take a good look at myself...hear I was feeling sorry for myself, when it hit me, that one of my very good friends and former co-workers is a single mom, and HAS TO work full-time...she doesn't get the choice to stay at home with her little man, and she can't say "honey, could you tuck him in so I can (insert your favorite alone time activity here)?" I also started thinking about the sermon I heard on Sunday about how in the first years of their lives, our children need only to have their needs met, and that we, as parents, are making self-sacrifice for a short time to teach them that they are loved, and special, and how the world should work. I also learned that "light in = light out", so if we surround ourselves with good and pure thoughts and people and "stuff", then that is what we give! The quote our pastor gave was "It is not the sparkle of your diamonds, but the brightness of your eyes that matter". WOW! So this morning I felt the challenging call of the Father saying to me "what are you doing that is making your eye bright?" And all I could do was answer that I will stop my wallowing in darkness and try to let only the light into my world.

I challenge you all to look at this in your own lives, and see where you too can let go of the darkness and replace it with light.


FarmWife said...

Thank you! I needed this on my bleak morning!

Kork said...

Praying for you, and hoping that it sticks with you!