September 24, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down

While I hesitate to make this my first post, I simply cannot ignore the fact that today is lousy so far. Captain Chaos woke several times during the night, which is unheard of in our house, and its been raining in varying degrees of severity since 4:30 this morning. Its been sideways, straight down, lightning and thundering, and pretty much just gray and dreary.

I don't mind rain when there's a good thunderstorm along with it, and it blows over and the sun shines again. However...when its gray and cloudy all day long, it makes it really hard to feel like doing anything other than sitting around with a good book...

It's been a rough day, as Captain Chaos has been cranky, which is incredibly unusual for him, and BB isn't feeling well either. BB called from work and was feeling yucky, and was angry that I hadn't made his lunch before he went to work this morning. Which, of course, got me to thinking, why should I have to make his lunch? And why is it that when a man gets into a committed relationship of any sort, where his girlfriend is doing things like coming over and making the occasional dinner, he suddenly forgets how to do things like empty wastebaskets, put dishes into the dishwasher, and dirty clothes into the hamper? Or is it just MY hubby that has marital amnesia?

If this is universal, let me know...


FarmWife said...

I'm pretty sure marital amnesia (Love the phrase)acknowledges no boundaries...race, religion, hits everywhere! I've accepted it as we have a deal (I do indoor chores, he does outdoor chores), but I know where you're coming from.

Sorry you're having a tough day. Remember, Tomorrow is another day. Love ya! (& way to go on the blog!!)

Inkling said...

Marital Amnesia knows no boundaries. I'm there with you.

Welcome to blogdom!

Just in case you don't know, I'm Farmwife's cousin. I am pretty certain I know who you are in real life, and fairly sure that during my more neurotic days at the same Bible college that I was in love with your brother. (Oh, the stories I could tell!) Fortunately, I found my prince charming in Canada, and no longer have to go about pining with unrequited love. =) Goodness, just thinking back to those days is an adventure....I was such a different person then, and wish I could go back and give that younger redhead a hug and tell her that she will get married someday, so she can get out of bed and go to class on time.

Looking forward to reading more of what you have to share.

Queen Mother said...

It's male marital amnesia.

Woman only get amnesia after they give birth and then it only applies to the childs wants.
The good thing is that it only last for 18 to 24 years then the amnesia clears away and Mom is back to normal.

Husband's amnesia last for short periods of time 6 months to a year and is usually gone after about 40 years of marriage.

Either that or your memory has started to go and by that time you forget he has amnesia and are glad for the company.

Welcome to our little world.
FW's mama

a wandering heart said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Farmie and I went to the same church in high school.

I confess, I am the one with marital amnesia in regards to chores in our household.

Sarah said...

Hello !Welcome to the blog world. I am from England and met Farm Wife through blogging - and I reckon most of her family and friends !!As for the Marital Amnesia I agree with everyone that it is Universal. If it disappears after 40 years then I'm halfway - or is that 40 years of marriage, not just being together ? I'm rambling on now. Sorry ! Good Luck with the blogging - I'll be back. Sarah x

Kork said...

Thanks everyone! Its good to be part of the world, and I can't wait to share more with you about my life.