September 26, 2007

In Answer to FW's conundrum about Cleaning and Food

CLEANING - alright...FLYLADY...basically, her system boils down to this - We do not have to have homes that look like magazine spreads, and we are NOT our mothers or grandmothers to scrub on our hands and knees...that being said, she breaks the house down into zones, and each week, you spend time each day in that zone, 15 minutes at a time to clear the clutter, trash the trash, and put things into their homes, purge the things that don't make us smile etc. Its pretty ingenious, and its really helped me out a heap! I mean, how embarrassing is it for me, the daughter of a former Women's Army Nursing Corp 1st Lieutenant, an RN, and the ORIGINAL Martha Stewart that I can't keep my kitchen counter clutter free?!?!?!!?

Don't get me wrong, I do have my spices alphabetized, and my closet is in color and weather order...BUT, the clutter creeps up on me...

I've found, for myself, that I actually have a weekly routine that works...Monday is "pick up and laundry" know, after the weekend with everyone home, get all the cups, plates, tissues, newspapers, craft projects and schmutz put where they belong. I spend 15 - 20 minutes at a time and get as much done in that time as I can...its a game for me to beat the timer, or not have to do a 2nd round in a room or area. I also make sure I keep my ear on the laundry, and that way I don't forget it and end up having to rewash a load. ICK!

Each day I do something, and make sure that every day, due to pets and people traffic (not to mention Captain Chaos leaving Cheerio and Goldfish crumbs all over everywhere), the floors get swept/Swiffered and the carpet gets vacuumed in the main living areas...but I do the bathrooms on one day (we only have 2 grown ups using them at this time, so that's all I need at this point), dust one day, iron get the drift.

If you're interested...there's no cost involved, but you can opt to register for their group at if you're interested. She has books and aids for sale as well, but I've found that only her calendar is my must have...the rest you can do yourself or find for cheaper anywhere else.

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