May 20, 2014

Crazy Little Thing Called Life

I promise I haven't abandoned the three of you that pop over to read my posts...really, I haven't.

This last school year has, quite literally, flown by for me.  I cannot believe that my kids are through with school in just 3 more days!!!!!!!!

I realize a portion of this is due to my new part-time gig, part is due simply to our being busier this year than last, and just that time seems to speed by as we age and get caught up in the responsibilities and obligations of being a grown-up.

I was thinking, as I've been packing and preparing for The Great Adventure of 2014, that my kids are absolutely amazing.  No, really!

Just the other day (ok, maybe it was in November...or March, but whatever), Captain was at the kitchen table after school working on his homework, and Princess was struggling to practice her reading.  He simply put down his pencil, scooted over next to her, and began calmly and authoritatively and gently helping her out.  Before I knew it, Littlest One scrambled up next to him and they were cuddled together reading books to one another.  I delayed dinner just to enjoy the moment.

This past weekend (no, really, just this last Saturday), Captain was headed off to the batting cages with BB, and the girls and I were at home.  I went upstairs to do something related to laundry and packing for a 3-week trip, and I heard Princess using her "Mommy voice" with Littlest One.  I peeked out the door over our little walkway into the family room below and witnessed the two of them, curled up on the couch, Littlest One's head in Princess' lap, getting her hair brushed and back rubbed.  I found out that Littlest One had left her toast unattended on the kitchen table to use the bathroom and our English Mastiff, Shelby, had helped herself to a lovely, perfectly crisped and buttered piece of deliciousness.  Littlest One was heartbroken, so Princess shared her toast, and then they snuggled together watching some girly show together.  They spent the rest of the day in similar fashion - brushing each other's hair, playing dress up, house, using their imaginations.

I worked a shift Saturday, and so, was gone from 1 - 7.  When I finally had the opportunity to have a solo conversation with BB, he told me all about how the kids had played "knight and lady" all afternoon.  Captain was, of course, the knight.  He kept rescuing the ladies from dragons, ogres, flying rhinocerouses (rhinoceri?), and generally saving the day.

Sunday, I again, had to work (truly the only downside of working at the bookstore/coffeeshop at your Church is not getting to attend services on Sunday mornings - we go to Saturday night service instead), and spent the few quiet moments pondering all I had to do this week to get ready for our trip...and got home to find that BB had not only mowed, and trimmed the yard, but he and the kids had pulled ALL the weeds (we live on 1/3 acre city lot on a cul-de-sac, so our backyard is pretty big for a 'burb lot), turned my garden beds (crazy weather...), and planted all my Mothers' Day flowers, seedlings, and seeds.  I came home to find that they'd done ALL the work I'd planned on doing that afternoon, which allowed us to have some much-needed family time just playing.  When the kids went for the quiet time (every afternoon, after lunch, they're sent to their rooms for some solitude, in which they can either read, or sleep), BB and I chatted while I caught up on about 6 loads of laundry.  I am officially, half a day ahead of schedule!!!!!!


We're heading out Saturday for The Great Adventure of 2014!!!!!!!!  At the end of April, after a month of financial scrutiny and discussion and prayer, we bought a BRAND NEW minivan (no snarky comments please).  It's a beaut.  It has about a bazillion bells and whistles, and we were able to trade my sweet little Saturn in (sorry, Wat...she had a good long life with me!!!!!!! 15 years!!!!), and BB very generously and selflessly gave his last bonus, plus the money from some stock shares, which allowed us to have a VERY small payment.  I still am not comfortable with owing money every month for a long time yet on this baby...but that shiny black pearl coat with leather interior makes this trip so much better!!!!!

I digress...the Great Adventure...we are venturing out west.  Stopping in Vegas for a few days, then to Bakersfield for my niece's High School Graduation, then to L.A. to visit with family, and most importantly, surprise our kids with 4 days at Disney.  No, really. FOUR. ENTIRE. DAYS.  We're staying on property (don't I sound all special and sophisticated?!), so we can literally walk out the door of the hotel, through the gates and be at Disneyland or California Adventure.  All. Day. Long.  For FOUR WHOLE DAYS!!!!!!!

From there, we venture north to spend a day with SIL and the other niece and nephew, then further north to the in-laws for 5 days...then back to a day with BIL and his new girlfriend, then one more day in Vegas, and finally, home, just in time for Fathers' Day.

Needless to say, we're excited & crazy with planning & preparations and baseball practice and end of school year insanity...

It is my desire to spend more time here writing, and to delve more deeply into things, than just a glimpse into my life.

For now, I wish you all a WONDERFUL start to your summer, and many, many blessings!!!

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Inkling said...

I hope you have so much fun! Safe travels! Can't wait to hear about all your fun adventures!!!!