November 04, 2013

Facebook is dangerous.  There.  I said is specifically designed to grab you, suck you in, make you dependent upon it for news of life outside your the guise of keeping in touch with loved ones.

Sure, I can say that I've "found" people I'd lost touch with, created friendships where there might not otherwise be relationships...but I also realized that I'm seeing sides of people that I don't want to see...

I see people who post things without researching them thoroughly (after all, its on the Internet, it must be true, right?!), people who post things that are designed to inflame others, simply to evoke a reaction so that they can then make fun of them...

I see things that are designed to be good, get rapidly twisted and turned around until they're no longer recognizable.

Mostly, I see people who are SO connected via their tablet, or smart phone, or laptop, that they no longer connect with real people.

We went out Saturday to celebrate my birthday (which is another post in itself entirely), and while at breakfast at a locally owed cafe, I noticed a HUGE difference...there were tables of folks in their mid-50s and older that were actually talking to one another.  About family, politics, sports, education, just about life in general.  Then, there were tables of younger folks, some with their kids, some just out with friends for a meal.  Those tables made me want to cry, or stand up and scream at them...they were all, without exception, sitting at their tables, eyes glued to their phones...and their conversation consisted of "did you see what she posted the other day?"

I realized, after seeing a friend post something they thought was edifying and freeing, that I am far too entrenched in the digital world.

I need to unplug.  I need to be tech-free for much longer each day...

So I'm pledging that for the next 90 days (yup!  3 whole months), I'm setting a timer for ALL computer/tech use.  I know there are things that I have to use tech to accomplish.  Those can be done, without logging into Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter, or SoundCloud.  I know, however, I can be much more productive and efficient when I'm not bouncing between tasks and screens...As for "leisure" use...well, I'm giving myself 2 hours each week for social media perusing, blog-hopping, recipe searching, score checking and the can do the math yourself to see the daily breakdown.

I'm tired of watching face-to-face time turn into face-to-screen time.  My kids are suffering, my marriage could easily be damaged...

I'm going unplugged and I may or may not come back!

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Inkling said...

I hear you on this. (And do I ever hope that I'm not one who has posted something that has ever offended you!!!! If I have, you better tell me so I can change!!!!)

There are so many times I wish our family could entirely unplug. But then I remember all the reasons why FB is so important - 90% of the work I do with the birth trauma group is on there via private messages. And trying to conduct a new-to-me business also requires being on FB. They are even conducting a training course via FB! I've seen how much this company has changed the wellness level of my family, and would love to introduce others to it and also find it financially helping us so my hubby can be freed up to pursue his calling full time. Figuring out how to find a good balance when I'd rather run away from it all isn't easy.

The one thing I know is that despite "having" to connect via FB and other online forums, I'm still actively pursuing real-time relationships, and will probably always keep my cell phone as a "call only" phone. Though that means that people will probably keep on thinking I'm crazy for asking for directions, since apparently no one does that anymore.