July 17, 2012

School Days, School Days, Dear Old Golden Rule Days...

Holy smokes!  I just looked at my calendar and realized that there are ONLY 29 days until Captain starts First Grade...wow!  I'm not sure how I'm feeling about that at this moment in time...it's only the middle of July...it's still SUMMERTIME out there...and I went this morning and purchased school supplies...and the scary thing is that there were already EMPTY BINS of supplies...crazy...

It scares me that school starts in less than a month...just 4 short weeks.  We had so many plans for adventures and camping and fun and somehow that all spiraled and morphed into this crazy renovation project that just won't end.

I'm not complaining that we are financially blessed enough to rip out the fixtures and put in all new things in that powder room, or that we were able to buy cordless window blinds for the Master Bedroom, as well as pay to have the texturing done, AND get the rest of the interior walls painted by someone other than me or BB.

It just feels so frustrating that the first half of summer was spent schlepping kids to and from practice, rehearsal, recitals and games...I love organized sports and formal lessons in things such as dance and piano and swimming...I value them and what they provide for my kids' minds...

I'm just looking forward to things being a bit more settled I suppose...

I fully plan to jam-pack as much fun and adventure into the next 29 days as I possibly can.

Already on the agenda, in no order whatsoever:

  • trip to our zoo
  • trip to our museum
  • trip to our National Park with a picnic lunch for a nature day
  • swim party
  • library trip to pick out travel books to learn about exotic places like China and Africa
  • sidewalk chalk art festival in our driveway
  • "paint" each other in the pool
  • make ice cream again
  • install my clothesline and hang the wet sheets so my kids can play superhero in their towels and run between them
  • play at the park with the water feature in our "normal" clothes
I know we'll still have to do the everyday things like laundry, yard work, house cleaning and grocery shopping...we'll still have to try on and weed out the clothes that are too small, and begin the shopping to find the ones that will fit for the better part of the school year...

But in between the mundane, I plan to make each day an adventure in imagination and creativity...

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