July 10, 2012

Extreme Makeover: Suburban Castle Edition

Today, we come to you live, from the Suburban Princess' Castle, where exciting changes are occurring!

Over the last several years, you may remember that projects have been started, but not necessarily completed, bringing frustration to the Princess, and her mother...chaos to the realm, and a bit of uncertainty, along with some discussions in the Kingdom...power struggles, design choices, lack of funding in the royal coffers...yes, this castle has seen its share of craziness over the years.

Well, today, we are excited to bring you news that the Laundry Room, and Powder Room are being taken one step closer to the end of the Extreme Makeover Journey!

Today, Mr. Mike is here applying the fabulous technique of "knockdown texture" to these two rooms!!!!  That's right - they've been stripped bare, masked off, sanded, cleaned up, and are now being sprayed with plaster.  In just a few short hours, the lumps and bumps will be knocked down with his trowel, and left to dry...meaning that as early as tomorrow, the Princess can prime the walls of these two rooms...which is good, because she needs to paint them in time to get the washer and dryer hooked back up to do laundry, and have the ceiling, walls, and baseboards painted in time for the new bathroom vanity cabinet that is being delivered as early as Thursday to be installed.  The only thing remaining for these 2 rooms will be to purchase a new faucet, new toilet paper holder and towel bar/holder, as well as find a large soaking tub/utility sink for the laundry room, WITH a cabinet already built, to hold things like cleaning towels, cat food, and be available for soaking stains out of the Royal Family's laundry...

Excitement is buzzing, there's an air of tension...she's stoked, she's thrilled...but the question remains, will everyone else love it as much as she does, and if not, will she really care?!?!?!

Tune in for updates as the week progresses...
Update already!!!

No sooner had I hit publish on this little post, than the phone rang - it was the shipping company with my vanity, scheduling delivery for TOMORROW, between 10 - 2 local time.

I'm thrilled!!!  Of course, we still have to inspect it to make sure it's pristine (I did not shell out that much money for a crunched up cabinet or broken granite!!!), and prime and paint the walls and baseboards, BUT, I'm so excited!!!!

And yes, in case you're wondering, I am dancing around singing the song in my head...

"I'm so excited...I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!"

Now you can sing along with me all day long!!!

Toodles for now - the walls look fantastic, even if they are still damp and smell funny, and need primer and paint...it's just been so long getting to this point...I can't tell you how excited I am that only the Master Bathroom, and the kids' bathroom still have wallpaper...and when we take down the paper in the Master, we're TOTALLY redoing the bathroom - ripping out tub, shower, pulling up carpet, stripping wallpaper, and putting in a fabulous (if yet distant) free-standing tub, expanding our shower a smidge, and putting in 2 gorgeous vanity cabinets that look like something you'd find in a turn of the century home...without the vessel sinks...man I hate those!

Needless to say, that project is still another few years away...at least!

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