May 18, 2012

Another Rockin' Friday Night at the Royal Residence

My family has fallen into this interesting pattern on Friday nights...It goes a little something like this:

  • About 3:30pm, I wake Capt (if he's not already awake) and get him ready for baseball practice
  • At 3:50ish, BB and Capt leave for ball practice.
  • I get the girls up, and settled into an activity while I make dinner and tidy the house from BB's working at home.
  • About 6pm, BB and Capt return home, and we eat supper/dinner (the evening meal, whatever you call it in your neck of the woods!)
  • By 7:30pm, the meal is cleaned up, the kitchen is tidied, and we're readying the kiddos for bed.
  • 8pm rolls around, and all 3 kiddos are in bed, soon to be sleeping soundly
  • 8:30pm, and BB, who's been sleeping in his chair for the previous 30 minutes, gladly accepts my suggestion to just go to bed
  • 8:37pm finds me sitting in the recliner, alone, watching old movies, musicals, or secretly DVR'd episodes of my guilty pleasure shows (usually Nadia G's B*thcin' Kitchen or the like)
I sit around, surfing the vastness of the Interweb, watching movies (tonight's adventure is "Invincible" because I'm a sucker for Marky Mark and sports), and killing time until I'm actually tired enough to head to bed and fall asleep...

Yup...that's a Friday night in our house...

What epic adventures occur in your house Friday night?

1 comment:

Penny said...

our Fridays used to be so relaxing because during tax season, I would come home and totally crash from the week!! now, we have decided to grocery shop on Fridays so that we dont have that chore on sat or far so, pick up something to grill while we are there..come home, grill, eat and this week we ended the day with a fire in the firepit..nice!!