February 13, 2012

Busy, Busy

This weekend was a whirlwind! Friday night, our Church hosted a "Date Night Challenge", which was created via Focus on the Family. We had a passably tolerable dinner of spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread (hard to have good pasta when it's made for 100 people!), and watched a video of the presentation the FotF people made. It was interesting, but difficult to focus when you're sitting on an uncomfortable chair at a round table designed for 6, at which were sitting 8, torqued around because I didn't realize the video sections were an hour each, getting a sore neck, sitting with strangers...

Anyway, the gist of it is that BB and I are now committed to 3 dates in 3 weeks. It will be nice, and we were already planning on having a date this week for our celebration of Valentine's Day, and last Friday counts as "Date 1" (I personally think that's a cop-out, and BB and I are planning on 3 dates total over the next 3 weeks).

Part of the evening was, of course, giveaways. Somehow, someway, someone at our Church decided once upon a time, that no event was complete unless someone won something. And henceforth, any Church gathering for adults now includes drawings for random things - water bottles, copies of DVDs or CDs, books pertaining to the event...and some sort of leftovers from food prepared for the event if there is any.

6 couples won some pretty cool stuff - copies of The Love Dare, some free registration to an upcoming small group study on "United" pertaining to marriage, and some chocolates, a couples' massage by a local husband/wife team of CMT's that are members. 2 couples got to take home a homemade double-layered homemade red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting (thankfully, not BB and I!), and all that remained was the grand prize drawing...a free night's stay at a really cool fairly local landmark historic hotel that is expensive, and awesome, and someplace I've wanted to visit and stay for quite some time!

And somehow, miraculously, BB and I were selected!

This may seem small to you, but it's huge! Our 10th anniversary is June 1. That is also the day of Princess' first official dance recital concert/show, and Captain's 6th birthday. It is, thankfully, the weekend following Memorial Day, and so school will have been done for a full week. However, those things make it tough for us to just pack up and head off somewhere for anything more than dinner. Winning this night is the best ever thing that could happen to us! Between following our budget closely, which means not a lot of income set aside for luxuries like a night away, and having 3 still fairly small kiddos that cannot stay alone means that we don't get many opportunities to do things like this. Ever!

And so, we have a sitter lined up for Friday night, will have someone lined up for next Saturday afternoon so we can have lunch and do something like hit an indoor driving range, or see a matinee of a movie or something like that, and then, sometime this summer, we'll get to have the folks take the kids for an overnight camping adventure (at their house), while we get to have an overnight date 90 miles away.

Saturday saw us have a very impromptu day away at the Colorado Home & Garden Show. You might laugh, but we LOVE going to these shows...the indoor gardens that are set up with living plants, running water for streams and ponds and waterfalls...it gets me motivated to get going for Spring...and we found some really cool gadgets to add to our trailer to use on camping trips that will allow us to still have special things like fresh salsa, milkshakes, fancy eggs...things we'd usually do at home, but can't really do in the limited space of our trailer, or when we're camping without electricity and running water...

Sunday was spent carting Captain to pick up a birthday gift for a classmate, make lunch, get Captain to the party for said classmate, and then the girls and I spent a few hours with my folks.

I am wiped out!

HOWEVER! I am sticking to my schedule - and have already done 3 loads of laundry, washed my kitchen floor, and am planning on making cookies for Princess' Valentine's Day class party tomorrow.

Lots to do, but wanted to check in...


Penny said...

above all...keep those dates!! so important to have some time to reconnect and just have adult conversation!! enjoy! and congrats on the cool prize..our church's Valentine Dinner is this coming Friday..we will have a good dinner and a great speaker, so I'm excited..way to stay on track too!

Inkling said...

Such a fun treat! I am so happy that you got a really sweet and perfectly timed gift! Very cool!