October 16, 2011

Gearing Up

Well, this week will be my big chance...to finally feel as though I have caught up on my "project list".

I am trying, like Mrs. Ordinary to not have a real to-do list in the sense of "run here, go there, volunteer at this event/program, fill tub and weave basket underwater"...I do, however, have a list of long-range projects that are things I'd like to accomplish. Some of them are true projects in the sense of scrapbooking our photos and memories, making myself a divine knitted wrap using bamboo yarn that is like silk...it truly is heavenly and I cannot wait to make it. I will have it done PRIOR to our trip to my in-laws in December.

You see, my current list includes things like "wash windows and blinds, detail clean each room (this includes things like making sure the baseboard molding is clean, there are no dust-bunnies and dust webbies infesting, I move ALL the things off surfaces, clean those things, clean the surfaces, move the furniture I can move, use the crevice tool on my vacuum cleaner to get all the gunk cleaned out), clear out my pantry to purge, inventory and reorganize it, and do the same to my freezer. There are other things on that list, including the ever-elusive "purge the basement storage room".

My BB is gone this week in San Jose for business, and I will, in true fashion to myself, NOT be sleeping well unless I am physically exhausted. Therefore, I am tackling a giant set of plans.

Although, I will admit that first on that list? To take a bubble bath while my hair color processes. Followed by "lay in bed and read a book for as long as I want to".

Tomorrow is when I will begin the "real work" of clearing, dusting, sweeping and the like.

And if hard work and motivation mean anything, I'll have accomplished a TON of stuff this week.

And before you worry that I'm not taking time for myself, let me assure you that I've an appointment for a wax, mani/pedi at a friend of mine's new brow studio, at which she is hostessing a "guest artist" who does nails. I get the introductory/friend price of $10. And since I can't get any of those 3 services at our local beauty academy for that price, I full intend to hold my appointment.

And we'll be baking sugar cookies, and using the "special cookie cutters" to make BB a birthday cake cookie, since his special day is Wednesday. I only hope that Princess has no wish to decorate it with pink and purple icing...

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