September 05, 2011

Updated Request on Tyler

Thank you all for praying these last days.

It's been a week since Tyler's accident and already he is off the breathing tubes for 5 hours at a time, is being propped up in his bed, and is communicating verbally, and his personality is back to normal. He recalls everything leading up to the accident, talking to his Dad from the Jeep immediately afterwards, and has been concerned about his passengers (his brother, best friend, and the Italian exchange student that will be living with them this school year).

His first surgery to repair his vertebrae went really well, and he's recovering as well as can be expected. His team of nurses is, to quote his Dad, "bad ass". They are aggressive with Tyler and are pushing him past what he thinks he can do, but making sure to do it in the way in which Ty responds best - as a challenge.

Please continue praying for Tyler, as his tests for neural conductivity are inconclusive at best - it appears the pathways to his arms and hands were NOT damaged or compromised, but there is still no voluntary control. His legs showed nothing, but that is to be expected with this type of injury.

I'll have information available if there's anyone you know who'd like to contribute thoughts, well-wishes, or money to help the family with expenses not covered under their insurance.


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