August 29, 2011

Prayer Request - URGENT

Please pray immediately and fervently - passing this onto your prayer teams and family members!

The 16-year old son of one of our local ball coaches, Tyler Hoog, was in a 4-wheeling accident Sunday.

He broke his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cervical vertebrae (the ones in his neck), and has some head injuries. He is currently experiencing a TON of swelling and is paralyzed from the neck down. He is in ICU in a hospital in Denver that is AWESOME. The doctors don't know at this point if his paralyzation is permanent or due to the swelling.

Please pray for his mom, dad, and brothers to be at peace, to have wisdom and guidance as they are asked to make difficult decisions in the coming days for Tyler's care and well-being.

Pray for the doctors to have clarity and wisdom regarding Tyler's care and prognosis.

Pray for Tyler's friends at school - he is on the baseball team, one of those "popular" kids that everyone knows and loves. He's an amazing student, just one of the good kids. His friends are all worried and scared and without lots of information. Pray for them to have peace and to still their tongues and only relay truth and facts. Pray they will hold each other up and be safe as they are now distracted by this worry. Pray they will be able to come together and support and love one another.

Pray specifically for his teammates - that they will continue to support and encourage one another as they travel to and from their homes, school, and the hospital. That they will choose wisely and safely to live their lives.

Pray for our neighbor and dear friend Adam, one of Tyler's closest friends. He is scared silly right now, and doesn't quite know how to handle the fear and uncertainty. As a 15-year-old boy, he's at the age of not really a boy, not quite a man and his father can sometimes be harsh and undemonstrative of his emotions. Pray that Adam will be able find a safe way to communicate his fears and grief without ridicule or negativity.

Pray for BB and I as we support our neighbors - that we'll have the words from the Spirit to provide comfort and support and love to them.

Pray for our neighbors and the parents of all the students affected by this - that they will have the right words and actions to be amazing rocks of support and love for their children.

Pray for our community to come together in support of this family - Coach Hoog went to school with my oldest brother, played ball with several men who are still part of this community. His college friends have all gone onto different locations but are still close - their kids are friends, and some of the parents are coaches at college levels, and even some in the Major League.

Thank you and I'll do my best to keep you posted.

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