September 29, 2011


Dear FarmWife - that deal is SO on...I'm praying for you and yours...and thanks for your comments, reminding me of my blessings. :D

Now, onto the business of well...I don't rightly know what business is today.

I'm feeling better about things, but I suppose that is the newness of the committment - you know how when you first make a decision to do something, and that first week is the honeymoon stage - everything is blissful, and easy, and wonderful, and you're happily floating along in the pink cloud of happiness about the positive changes you're making? Yup, I'm there. I'm praying that it will continue to feel easy for me for awhile, that I'll be able to be settled into a routine of being the new me before something else comes up.

I'm feeling physically better as well - I finally caved in and took 1/6th of a dose of NyQuil, and slept solidly for 6 hours. It was blissful to awaken this morning at least feeling rested, if still congested and raw-of-throat. Now? Not so much - we've been running today - BB decided to sleep in and not tell me until about 2 minutes before it was time to leave with Captain for school, so I had to load up the girls, drive to the south side of town (in reality, only a few miles each direction) and back, unload the girls, feed the girls breakfast, and load the girls up again to take Princess to preschool, unload the girls, get Princess checked in, load up Littlest One, and then drove to my folks to pick up a few things and ended up staying for 2 hours to "visit" with PreacherMan, who is in town on business. He ended up putting out fires for his job instead of visiting with us, but Littlest One delighted her Grands and I had a nice cup of tea and chat with my folks, who are headed to Florida to visit MissionaryMan and his family, who are state-side while his FIL is going through late stage cancer, with the end in sight. Joyful reason for a family visit eh? (boo, hiss!)

After that, I drove back to pick up Captain, did my normal Monday/Thursday routine of driving to the preschool on the extreme opposite side of town to pick up Princess, drove down Main St to the barber shop, wherein we hung out for about 40 minutes so Capt could be shorn (ok, it's not really that short...) in preparation for school pictures tomorrow, then continued down Main St to pick up fast food from the drive-through (what a great Mom I am eh?), drive home, consume lunch, have about 36 minutes to play and digest and then brush teeth to load up all 3 kids to take Capt to the dentist to have his mouth wound (did I tell you about that???) examined for what I hoped (and confirmed) to be the last time, then come home, change diapers, occupy my children with something to do while I stood around in a befuddled haze of congestion-induced loopiness and frustration over the lack of progress I made on any sort of housekeeping this week...and decided to check my email and visit some bloggy friends.

And now, hear I sit, at 4pm with nothing prepared from my meal plan, 2 new books beckoning me, Captain's AWANA book calling my name to get us started on his next 2 sections of memorization work, a load of laundry awaiting being folded, one in the dryer, one in the wash, one waiting to be washed, and a mountain of ironing. The good news? Tuesday afternoon, I baked! I made baked oatmeal (recipe to follow since it's super-easy, tasty and makes for quick mornings!), from-scratch brownies, a cheesecake (admittedly no-bake), and put together an amazing dinner for our craziest night.

Right now? I'm drooling over recipes in my 2 new favorite cookbooks: Homestyle Amish Cooking, and The Casserole Queens Cookbook. HOLY FREAKING COW, if I make those things, we will all gain about 200 pounds!

That said, I'm looking forward to reading my new books (after I do my homework and help Captain with AWANA). In the meantime?

Thanks for your prayers - we still don't know anything about BB's tests, or what is causing his issues, but I'm content. BB is ok for now - his vision is no longer blurry, his head still hurts, his shoulder hurts, he slept for 11 hours last night (which sort of irks me, but that's something I'm working on), and he has a good paying job that allows me to focus on being a wife and mom.

I'm off to tidy up the house so it at least doesn't look as though a clothing store, toy store, book store and crumb truck blew up...

Tonight, I'm going to bed early, and tomorrow I'll accomplish something that has a bit more visible results.

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