June 22, 2011


Well, after my utterly insane Monday, things were much better yesterday evening and so far this morning.

We had nowhere to go. No errands to run, no play dates, appointments or emergencies (thank you, Lord!).

Captain slept til after 9, Princess was up around 8:30, and Littlest One was up at 7:30. Had I not been awakened by the sunlight streaming in through my window at 6:02, I might have slept until 7:30 myself!

I have had a pretty good week overall, even with the fiasco that was Monday.

The kids' check-ups revealed they are still healthy and growing (as if the copious amounts of food that are consumed by my 3 hooligans was not evidence enough), and we've no need to come back until Littlest One's next check at 18 months.

We were blessed by BB's employer this year - he received a wonderful review, including a raise above and beyond the "cost of living" raise, some stock options, and a monetary bonus that is now plaguing us as to what we should do with it.

Crazy huh? I mean, 2 years ago we'd have been wondering if we should put all of it toward a credit card or if we could justifiably use some of it for something "fun"...this year? We're wondering if we should put it all into savings toward accomplishing Baby Step 3 (3 - 6 months of expenses set aside), or if we should split it up and use some of it for various home improvements and maintenance, or some combination thereof.

I'd really like to get a treadmill or an elliptical - let's face it, if we had one, I'd use it every day. If we took that money and put it toward a gym membership, I'd be lucky if I got there once a week!

I'd also really like to get some cordless blinds for the kids' bedrooms (I still have nightmares about it being my son who died almost 2 years ago after getting tangled in the cords), and some new blinds for the other rooms in our house.

Then there's the nasty 14-year-old carpet in 90% of our house. Or the 14-year-old hardwood in need of refinishing. Or my 14-year-old cabinets, counter tops and fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms. Or the giant basement project.

I mean - his bonus was HUGE, and with the refinance, we can either sock away almost 2 months of expenses, gaining us Baby Step 3, OR we can do some combination of any of those things above.

Our dilemma? Deciding which is the best course of action.

Currently? It's sitting in our savings account, earning a teensy interest each month...

Your prayers for wisdom are much appreciated.

And after I finish this post? Well, it's nap time, and I'm off to do fun things like put clean bedding on my bed and scrub the bathrooms, followed up with a rousing session of sock matching.

On the plate for tomorrow? In the morning we have a play date, and in the afternoon I'll be tackling the main floor so that while BB is working from home on Friday, I can tackle the basement projects I need to.

BB is doing sound for a wedding at Church this weekend and will be gone Friday evening and the better part of Saturday morning.

With that in mind, I want all the housework done before I go to bed Thursday night so the kids and I can have some fun and maybe go to the aerobatics show at our local airfield.

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Anonymous said...

my prayers are with you..God's will and service for you..You'll be given the answer.

Love ya