June 23, 2011

If I Had a Hammer

I'm not sure what that title has to do with anything whatsoever...but I'm just at a creative loss these days.

I think I just need something to let totally loose on with my physical pent up energy. I'm going crazy sitting around the house this summer, and summer really just started yesterday...makes for tough life these days...

At any rate, I had this long rant of a post this morning really early, and deleted it. It was just not something I needed to let linger.

I have a dilemma - one I face every so often...I go through these phases with my hair. Yup...hair.

I cut it short, in some cute, trendy, high-maintenance cut, and then get tired of it, so I start to grow it out. Currently, it's a bit past my shoulder. Not too long, but long enough that I can just let it dry and throw it into some sort of clip, or ponytail, or use a headband to keep it out of my face. I like the versatility. BUT, it's horribly damaged because I'm too...something...to go in for regular cuts. I think I feel guilty leaving the kids with BB for 90 minutes so I can go to my stylist and get a cut and style. How stupid does that sound now that I've typed it here???? Sheesh...after I give a bloggy friend all sorts of crap for not taking care of herself, and I won't even schedule a hair cut for myself! Gah...

Well, now that it's settled that I'll be scheduling an appointment, here's a photo of me as I currently am - long, frizzy hair and all...and this is where you come in - here's a photo of a past short cut. I'm thinking of the length, but maybe something more angular, or more up to current trends...please weigh in!

Thanks for the input so far!

Funny that I was thinking that inverted bob was really cute and was wondering if I could pull it off...hmmmmmmm...

Inkling - I have super fine, skinny hair. I don't blow it dry every day, nor do I use lots of product. However...it seems as though it doesn't matter what I do to it - days I let it dry itself it's limp at the top, and frizzy at the bottom. days I dry it and style it it's smooth and has shine and body.

I do color it at home myself, but I only do it like every 12 weeks. I think it is frizzy because, well...it's been close to 3 years since I actually had a real salon cut done. The last time I went in, shortly after Littlest One's birth, I only had like 1/4" cut off to "clean up the ends".

I think it's time for a serious change...and some serious length coming off!


Anonymous said...

Inverted bob? Inverted Wedge? Shauna's hair is cute that would look cute on you too..

Inkling said...

I'm currently growing out my inverted bob. As it grows out, it still looks pretty decent.

Is the damage caused because you color your hair or blow dry it a lot or use products containing alcohol on it? I'm just asking because I've noticed that my hair is a lot less damaged these days since I stopped blow drying it most days, curling/straightening it consistently and using products on it every day. I used to have to get regular cuts to keep up with the split ends, but lately haven't had to do that at all.

Is there a color that is super gentle and won't damage hair? Clinique makes a really good hair serum (I've been using a sample I got years ago) that you put on damp or dry hair for shine. I've noticed it seems to seal the cuticle and prevent my usual frizz that comes from letting it dry naturally. Aveda also makes some good products that will do that without the type of alcohol that is drying. One tube of the Aveda stuff last forever even with longer hair, so it's well worth the price and the trip to a salon to pick it up.

The last tip I've just discovered is to be very careful how you use the towel on your hair. The cotton opens up the hair shaft and roughens the cuticle, especially on the end. The best thing to do is to just squeeze out a bit of water using the towel in a gentle downward motion. I used to turn my head upside down and scrunch my hair with the towel, and discovered that's half the reason it's a frizz ball once it dries.

Anyway, that's my two cents. I haven't had my hair cut since my surgery over a year ago, aside from the bang trims I do myself. I still can't believe I'm not one big split end. Guess being a low maintenance mountain girl has its benefits. ;)

Layla said...

I'm in the same boat! Haven't had a 'do in about six months and my hair is fried right now. I've just let it get long and leggy but that look is never good on me b/c I have fine, straight hair. But I don't feel like dealing with a cut, either. I've been debating the same thing, and I've chosen to ignore it for the rest of the summer and deal with it in the Fall. Do you like my powers of procrastination?