May 06, 2011


OK - I have to ask you all - what was the last movie you saw IN the theater????

For BB and I, it was Invincible with good ol' Marky Mark. Yup, that's right, we haven't seen a flick in the theater since the summer Captain was born.

That's not to say we haven't seen movies...we just usually wait til they go to the special "all day ticket" thing on our Pay Per View, get the 24 hour pass so we can put it on the DVR and watch it at some point in the hopefully-not-too-distant-future...

I just read a blistering review of Thor, and must admit that now I really want to see it...

I'm a comic-book junkie...I love me some superheroes, and supervillains, and counterparts, alter-egos, alter-verses, cheeky sidekicks, snazzy costumes, and the never-ending storylines.

I'm so excited for Transformers, so want to see Fast Five (I know, not a comic book flick, but Vin Diesel!!!!), Captain America, Thor, and any other comic book flicks that I can't come up with right now.

What movies do you love, and, if you have small kids, how do you handle a movie night with your sweetie???

I already know we're taking Capt and the rest to see Cars 2 this summer, but I'd LOVE to go see a grown-up movie in a theater, complete with the sticky floor, frigid air conditioning and over-priced horribly bad for you concessions...because you can't go watch a CRAZY WICKED BAD movie without a GINORMOUS tub of super-saturated buttery popcorn.

Please don't tell me about the calories and sodium and fat and how I'm killing myself eating it. I know all that, and you know what? The only thing I like better than that is the biggest box of Hot Tamales they have behind that counter...

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