April 18, 2011

You Like Me!

First of all - thank you to those who have left me comments - I truly appreciate it. Secondly, WOW! What a slew of ideas for me to talk about. Hooray!!!

PLEASE keep them coming...

I'll answer them all, just not in one post.

First up - Ordinary Sarah asks me what I am usually thinking about before I fall asleep or when I first wake up.

Whew...I will admit that I do not usually pay attention to the right before sleeping part - my conscious thought generally being "don't think of anything. Just be blank...go to sleep!" which of course causes my mind to begin whirling and swirling through all manner of things...and then I try to force the stopping of thinking, and then I start thinking again...it's an ugly cycle some nights.

Fear not! I'll try not to disappoint you...

Friday night, all I could think about was how good a giant platter of crispy, piping hot Chili Rellenos would taste...all smothered in yummy Pork Green Chili, oozing cheese, a small dab or sour cream atop each...and therefore, I dreamed of being in my favorite Mexican restaurant and being told by our waiter that there was a global shortage of Chili Peppers, and there would be no Rellenos for some time come. It was not a comforting feeling to say the least. It actually woke me up, all disgruntled. Not disgruntled because of the no Rellenos issue, but because I was crying over not getting them in my dream...How silly of me to cry over a lack of dream Rellenos...

The second go 'round Friday night had me thinking "really, crying. Over Rellenos?!?!? Ugh..." and then I started wondering just how hard they'd be to master making at home...

When I woke up Saturday morning, I was only thinking of one thing - how wonderful it would be if BB had woken early and made breakfast and was bringing it to me in bed, and how it would only be improved upon if he'd cleaned up!

Alas...neither event happened.

I don't remember what I was thinking about Saturday night, I was wiped out from helping my folks build a new retaining wall in their garden. Mom's going to be on the local Symphony Guild's Garden Tour this summer, so she's tweaking and finalizing things in their yard. We got to help with this one because she wanted it done before the end of the month, and if left to his own devices, my Dad would have been finishing it up as people were arriving for the tour.

Sunday morning, my first conscious thought was "where did those muscles come from? they weren't there before!"

Last night, I drifted off to sleep thinking about how amazing my family is, and how blessed I am. I'm preparing to attend a Baby Shower for a dear friend, who has wanted nothing more out of life than to be a wife and mom, and the journey she'd taken to arrive at this point. All the things she endured and made it through...amazing.

This morning, I awoke a few minutes before my alarm went off, and thought...I don't want to go to school today...I wonder if I can convince Mom I'm too sick to go...and then I remembered that an at-home parent doesn't get sick days...so I rolled over, squeezed my eyes shut to ward off the start to the week, and snoozed my alarm twice.

As you can see, my mind is sort of like a pinball machine...it bounces and jumps and zips all over the place...I don't know that I actually think of the same things more than one night or morning in a row...which most likely means that tonight I'll be pondering that...

What about you? What are the thoughts that fill your brain right before you go to sleep, or when you first wake up in the morning?

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