April 16, 2011

Blah, Blah, Blog

Alright...for any of you who have stuck around during my bloggy adventures, PLEASE, PLEASE...I am begging you...

I need to have some new and exciting things about which I can write...I am fearful of becoming predictable, boring, even repetitive...

SO, in light of my paranoid delusions that folks out there actually ready my blog, and want to return to read more....

I am blatantly soliciting your input.

Send me topics, send me questions, send me things about which I can spout of endlessly.

Seriously. Ask me anything, politics, religion, education, nutrition, how I feel about poor Pluto no longer being a planet (or is it again?), whether or not I believe that the government is trying to numb us by flouridating our water supply, and vaccinating our children...ask me how I feel about Drew Carey's Improv-a-ganza, and new skinniness...or about Jenny McCarthy's seriousness in regards to her son's autism and subsequent books about how to cope, and his special diet and how he's been cured...ask me about my thoughts on movies, books, music...art...heck, ask me about Play-Doh and whether I'm for mixing colors or against. We can debate Crayola against Rose Art...



Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

What are you usually thinking about right before you fall asleep/right when you wake up?

What are your thoughts on shoes and the house?

Anonymous said...

Miss bugaboo says she prefers rose art over crayola..I asked why she said the colors are prettier and brighter. Go figure.

When was the last time you went to a movie theater with your husband and watched a movie?

When was the last time you went out on a date with hubby?

What do you do for ME time?

Do you stop cleaning ever?

When you're on vacation, are you really on vacation? Do you ever slow down miss energizer bunny? (love youuuuuuuu)

Your favorite Color? Why?

Your favorite book currently? Why?

Your favorite TV/DVR'd Program? Why?

Okay maybe that will help or hinder you..I hope it helps..

Love you <3....

Penny said...

i thought you did a great job talking about your success with the Dave Ramsey financial peace issues..and how do you feel about all day kindergarden? and camping season is coming up...what kind of meals do you prepare? seems like we do the same stuff each time..do you prepare stuff at home and then just put it together at the campsite? as a grandma, i love buying things for the kids..I have one daughter who doesnt like anyone to buy her daughter clothes, but I know they struggle financially, so why wouldnt she want to let grandparents purchase things? and has Dr. Suess been replaced?? dont stop writing, I look forward hearing how you are all doing, love the lists of all the things you get done in a day!