April 21, 2011

A Serious Question...

I just read a very lengthy post about Yoga and whether Catholics should or should not participate.

First, let me clarify that I am not Catholic. My Dad was raised in the Catholic Church, went to a Catholic school etc etc...our neighbors are Catholic...

I am curious as to your thoughts and opinions on this topic.

The write of the post was questioning the practice of Yoga (not any other exercise/fitness regimen) as a Catholic because of it's roots in Hinduism. She had an incredibly well-researched post that included many Catholic writings.

The results were CRAZY! People quoting Scriptures to support or oppose the topic. People talking about demon possession...

And so, as a non-denominational Christian, who does yoga poses during my Wii Fit routine, I ask you:

Should we practice an exercise program that has origins in a religion that has over 350 MILLION gods? Should we, then, practice Pilate, which was formed on a regimen that Ancient Romans used to do as priests and acolytes to their gods?

I'm just curious to know what you all think. My Mom is fervently against anything that has roots or any connection to anything pagan, or spiritualistic. I'm a bit waffly about I suppose.

Please...tell me what you think and why!


Penny said...

my own personal opinion...it's just some exercise....and whenever I have done yoga..I have to totally concentrate on what I'm doing and I dont have time to think about any religious aspect of the exercise..I take my personal relationship with God very seriously and spend time with Him in study and worship and while I am doing that I dont think about yoga...Seriously, some one has too much time on their hands...

Inkling said...

This is an interesting question. It was discussed one girl's night out when one of my friends said she'd signed up for a three week trial pass to a yoga class and another friend immediately jumped all over her and told her she was opening doors that would let Satan in.

Yes, I've read where yoga came from and what a lot of the poses mean and which gods they are for. But then what about Easter? What about Christmas? And when did we start letting the world's cultures ruin God's original creative plan? Even the rainbow isn't the same. It used to mean a promise and now it means gay pride.

My husband and I are at different standpoints on this. He agrees more with the friend who thought it was horrible. I personally don't see why it can't be redeemed, just as Easter and Christmas traditions that aren't originally rooted in Biblical traditions can still be practiced with a joyful heart that remembers the real reason for those seasons. (And yes, we will be hunting eggs tomorrow.)

With that said, I've been thinking a lot about how I could get into yoga without the part of it that wouldn't be good because I do know the spiritual word is far more than we can see or understand. Still, at my core, I'm all for redeeming EVERYTHING in our world that is enjoyable and fun and beneficial. The enemy shouldn't get to steal everything. And when it comes to yoga, after all, God made our bodies to stretch and move in ways that bring life and health to us. My physio would LOVE me to be in yoga for it would help heal my body in ways she cannot. So I'm all for redeeming that!

Hope this makes sense. I feel like I'm rambling and not able to articulate what has been swirling in my head for months now.