April 24, 2011

Prayers Needed Please - Updated

First of all - thank you again for the input and advice on my recent questions...

Secondly - if you're a praying person, please pray for BB and I!

We are in process of refinancing our mortgage (I mentioned this awhile back), and we found that our appraisal MUST come in at $320,000 US. In this economy, with the housing market as it is, this will be nothing short of a miracle.

In a perfect situation, our appraiser would come back at $385,000, which would negate several hundred dollars of our payment, as we wouldn't need mortgage insurance, and our rate would actually drop a bit, as our loan to value ratio would change for the better.

Our appraisal is Tuesday morning, April 26th, 11:30am, Colorado time.

Please be praying fervently, and consistently on this front. If this refinance can be fully approved and we move forward, we'll be saving 20% of BB's monthly salary, which means that we'll be able to start actually saving money each month, should some sort of emergency arise.

I know, in all the things that are going on in the world around us, that it sounds trivial and greedy, but I am asking all the same...



Well, holy moly you guys! I am overwhelmed with the love right now - from all over the place no less...

I truly appreciate all the prayers and love and encouragement - more than words can honestly convey at this moment.

I was feeling more than a bit overwhelmed by a seemingly endless list of things that needed attention - you know, all those little things that catch your attention one day and you think "OH! I'll get to that in just a minute." and then 6 years go by and the crack in the plaster is still there? Yeah...those things...

SO...I got the main floor in some semblance of order for Easter Dinner to be hosted at our home on Sunday. Saturday was spent running ourselves ragged hunting eggs in various locations, and eating waaaayyyy too much food.

Sunday was family celebration day, as we attended Saturday night services.

Monday dawned fair and...oh wait...it was POURING buckets. BB had his final check-up with the specialist for his dental work (cleared that fine in case you were wondering), and I was left withe getting 3 kids bathed, dressed, fed, and out the door to school, in addition to getting Littlest One down for a nap and then tackling the mountain of little things that required attention...it was so much for me that I sort of panicked and called my mom for some reassurance.

At 8:06 am my doorbell rang, and I thought "who in their right mind comes knocking at 8am???"

Well, the answer to that would be (drum roll please!) - MY MOM!

She ditched her plans to tackle her own chore list and came to my rescue yet again.

Together, in a little less than 3 hours, we packed up and carted to the basement storage room and/or playroom boxes and tubs of anything that didn't belong in my formal dining room, my living room, family room, office, and kitchen. We dusted everything that was not moving, she washed baseboards and windows, we vacuumed, we mopped, I cleaned the bathrooms. She cleaned the kids' rooms and made their beds so crisply I actually did bounce a quarter on them after she left, just because I knew I could. I picked up the kids, we had lunch with her, and did a little bit of down time with them.

After lunch, all 3 kids and I went downstairs, where I repacked all the things I'd been attempting to clear up in the basement, and sort of cleaned the playroom up a bit.

At 2, the phone rang, and BB, who originally was supposed to be in a 4-hour meeting from 1 - 5, was on his way home.

He arrived, changed, repaired the aforementioned crack, touched up other spots, including our handrail up our stairs, he cleaned carpets, he mowed and trimmed our yard (for the 1st time in 4 years!), he pulled weeds, he raked dead growth from last season and bagged up 14 bags of yard junk, and then hauled it to the local area we have in our City. He helped carry things and create a jigsaw puzzle in our basement storage room.

He helped make dinner and do dishes and has done a fairly good job on not leaving things just sitting around for the last 24 hours.
He took the morning off, took Princess to dance class and dragged Captain along for the ride so I could do the last little things like wipe up sticky spots and wipe down the kitchen and vacuum one last time.

Our appraiser showed up right at 11:30, as I was pulling out fresh-baked cookies.

Every light was on, everything that could be made to look new and shiny and clean had been and anything else had been made so it's best face was forward. He measured, he took photos, he asked questions, he wandered around, and talked with the kids...

And now....we wait.

He has to assemble his report, "recreate [our] house for the mortgage company" and compare it to other houses in our area.

SO...please continue praying and sending happy thoughts our way as we wait to hear what he finds and what he determines.

Inkling - I know that the mortgage insurance would only be in place for 5 years or until we reach the magical loan-to-value number of less than 78% (meaning we owe 78% or less than what our house is worth). It's in place more for the benefit of the mortgage company than it is to BB or I. Thankfully, should something tragic occur, BB's life insurance policy would pay off the house, leave enough for expenses, and still set up something so I wouldn't have to get a job for the first year after. We put all that in place last Spring, right after Littlest One was born, because we knew we wanted me to have enough money that I could focus on healing and helping the kids to heal and not have to worry about leaving our home etc etc etc...also, we'll have enough that we'll still have money for the kids' education. Much as I hate thinking about it, it is a necessary evil.

That said - please keep praying!!!

Hugs to you all!


Penny said...

prayers coming to you!!

Inkling said...

Just a question.....I know that there are times when folks don't need mortgage insurance, but after watching my friend Gillian deal with stuff, I'm just wondering what the harm might be in having it. Is there another way to have the mortgage paid off in the event of something horrid happening? Curious here....as we think about the future (far away unless God does a miracle and gives us a way to get a house sooner), we've been thinking that we have to have a way for the mortgage to be taken care of in the event anything happened to my hubby so that I wouldn't lose the house or immediately have to go to work OR use all the life insurance just for a house. What do you think? Just curious....

FarmWife said...

I don't think it's trival or greedy at all. I will be praying.

sarah said...

Hello Kork.You know that I am not a praying person, but I will certainly send every positive thought I have for you.I really hope it works out for you - these times are very stressful financially.Take care and let us know! Sarah at escret housewife x

Layla said...

I'm a little late to the game, since it's Tuesday night and I'm just now catching up on blogs from last week, so I hope it all went well!!!!