February 22, 2011

Grace in Small Things 02-22-2011

It was a mostly good day...

  1. Productivity. I got a lot of things taken off my to-do list today. Go me!
  2. Precious conversation overheard as my kiddos were talking to each other. Melted my heart and made me feel that I am being listened to and they are learning things about life!
  3. Homemade gravy (spaghetti sauce for you non-Italians out there) and meatballs. YUM-O!
  4. Listening to my Captain ask my Dad if they'd stay for dinner, because "I like when my friend eat with me." Such a moment...made me tear up.
  5. Having my Mom with me at the doctor today for my EMB.
Tomorrow promises to be even more productive.

Now, if only I could find BB's watch. Those of you who pray, please do so!

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