February 13, 2011

Grace in Small Things 02-12-2011

Saturday was a little tough on me emotionally, but...
  1. My amazing parents yet again! My Dad gave up his Saturday morning to take Capt and Princess to the Big Box Home Improvement Store for their Kids' Building Event. They made heart music boxes and had a fun time with their Poppa!
  2. 2 full hours with no children that were needing me. Littlest One napped while the big kids were gone. Bliss!
  3. Motivation to do things that needed doing during those 2 hours. Like copious amounts of laundry...fun right?
  4. A refrigerator full of leftovers. I haven't had to cook since BB left on Thursday. Granted, in part due to dinner out Thursday night, and fast food Friday at lunch, but still...
  5. The Wii. Never did I think I'd list a video gaming system as something for which I'm grateful, but last night, Capt and I played some games together. It was good.

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