February 13, 2011

Grace in Small Things 02-11-2011

Phew..Friday seems a bit of time ago now that it is Sunday morning.

Let's see...
  1. Chinese fast food with a drive-through. It's the only way I'd get my Broccoli Beef fix while BB was gone. I'm not crazy enough to take 3 little ones to our fav restaurant alone!
  2. My folks being willing and able to babysit for the kiddos, so I could go work my MK.
  3. DirecTV and over 500 channels of utter and complete crap to choose from at 3am.
  4. Warm milk with a drizzle of honey and nutmeg to counteract #3.
  5. Snuffly snuggles from a drowsy Littlest One at 4am.
See how much I have to be thankful for? It's the little things in life that truly bless us!

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