February 04, 2011

Grace in Small Things 02-03-2011

It's been a rough week...this is tough, but it's making me be thoughtful and mindful of what I have.

  1. A visit from Aunt Flo. With no medical intervention whatsoever, this is the first time since I was 15 that has occurred. Thank you, Lord for making me a woman and for my body FINALLY working again after 20 years!
  2. A vast array of cookbooks.
  3. My bread machine. I've made another 3 loaves of bread. Yummy!
  4. My scale showing a 4 pound loss even with #1!
  5. New jeans to accommodate my new skinnier self.
Woo hoo!

BB leaves in about a week. I must say after having him home all week "working" from home, I'm ready for him to be back at the office, and sort of ready for his trip.

The kids are dying of cabin fever, so I'm praying the forecast for mid-40's this weekend holds true. Then we can at least venture out of doors for more than 5 minutes to clear a path to the mail box.

Honestly - it's been good for me to have to find 5 things each day for which I'm truly grateful to have. Otherwise, I'd be drinking the Jack Daniel's, or, worse yet, the half-empty bottle of Skyy...

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