October 14, 2010

V for Victory

of a small sort anyway...I went to my Loser Club meeting last night, and was down 2 pounds! After a struggle of a week, it was awesome! I had a rough emotional day yesterday, got obsessed with the scale, and was ready to pull my hair out.

I don't often get to that point, but sometimes, sometimes, I just get to a point where I need to break.

Yesterday, around noon, I was at that point...and I seriously contemplated my usual escape route of sitting down on the couch, snacky things in hand, large glass of sugary beverage at my elbow, and the television turned on, running away, escaping in mindless oblivion watching trash, filling my brain with junk, and my body with garbage...and instead, I worked out. I changed into "exercise wear", put in a DVD and busted tail. I worked up a sweat, burned calories, did some kickboxing, did some high kicks, some punching, some running, some resistance training, some biceps curls, some shoulder presses, some lateral rows, some triceps kickbacks...

It was the 5th day in a row in which I did such a thing, and I felt immensely better afterwards. I got showered and changed, had a fantastic salad for supper, enjoyed some good company and had a great night!

I walked in to the store and was asked by everyone that was there what I'd done...how good I looked...which was awesome!

It was such a payoff - I was refilled and supported and encouraged.

I want so much to carry that through to next week, and the next and the next and the next.

And so, I'm logging off, turning off, unplugging for awhile and getting out while the weather is still nice and makes me want to be outside moving and playing and riding my bike, and walking and running and singing and jogging and throwing a ball...so if you don't hear from me for awhile, don't worry - I'm changing my life.

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