September 23, 2010


First - for Penny - all updated to include all 3 Works in Progress. :D

Today was Moms' Group at Church and I got paged out to feed Littlest One and missed like half of the guest speakers. I'm kind of bummed, but totally understand that when a baby needs food, you feed them!

It was good to connect, even momentarily...I was late, it was a crazy morning, but it was the sort of crazy where I knew if I didn't go to Group I'd regret it later on...

And now, I'm sitting here listening to "Modern Country" courtesy of Sirius through my DirecTV contract, watching DG run around in her T-shirt and panties (she's almost awake potty trained - her words, not mine), and Captain sprawl on the couch holding the Shrek DVD case asking to watch it while Littlest One snoozes in the swing.

I'm also seeing that I have somehow accumulated a heap of toys in my family room, my kitchen looks as though a baby oatmeal whirlwind went through at a dead sprint...

Yesterday, at bedtime, my house could have appeared in a magazine like Better Homes...and in just a few short hours, it makes me look like a candidate for Worst. Mother. Ever., after our lunch, the kids will help me pick up their toys, and then, while they nap, I'll tidy up and run the vacuum.

In other news, Captain Chaos is now proudly sleeping in his "Real big boy bed that Daddy made because I'm special bed" and DG will shortly be sleeping in the Youth Bed (slightly bigger than a crib/toddler bed, but smaller than a twin). We'll be selling our 2nd crib online by this weekend! WOOT!

One large baby item down, about a bazillion and twelve to go!


Inkling said...

I so know what you mean about all of this. I went to church on Sunday with just Jonathan even though Walden was out of town and I knew I'd spend the bulk of my time corralling the kiddo. But if I'd missed out on seeing people, it would have been a horrid day.

As for the housework, my suite looked decent in the living room and kitchen, and I had high hopes of getting the bathroom scrubbed and the nursery organized before Walden came home. But then snot happened, germs followed, and a doctor visit that led to a pharmacy visit after that pretty much dashed my plans to welcome my husband home with a sparkling house. (the kid has a cold, but the mama ended up with an infection that needed drugs...bummer) And the living room and kitchen only stayed gorgeous until the next meal and playtime. I'm thinking about getting a grazing animal of some sort and teaching it to clean my floors.

Kork said...

Get a big dog with short hair. Easy to clean up after his hair, and he'll eat any scraps on the floor, the table, *AND* the counters! Oh, and if you're really lucky, he'll lick the boy clean too - so no more baths, which means then no more cleaning the tub...

Hoping you feel better FAST!!!! Somehow, I think we end up sicker because we don't get good rest when the kiddos are sick...we're so busy making sure they're getting enough to eat, drink, and enough rest that we often forget to care for ourselves. Lovely isn't it!