August 13, 2010

Sometimes There is No Substitute

In the past, I've grumbled, griped, complained, vented, and, I'm ashamed to say, bashed my darling BB. I know he's not perfect, he will mess up, miss things, and inadvertently make my day miserable sometimes. However, I am also far from perfect myself.

I sometimes feel as though I do all the "hard work" around here. After all, I'm the one who is at home, wiping faces, hands, noses, bottoms, tables, counters, and floors, picking up, putting away, holding, soothing, cooking, cleaning...and BB gets to go to an office and work each day of the week.

I learned something this past week: I may be physically able to do all the things that need doing, including mowing the lawn and performing an oil change on either the car or the truck. I can patch sheetrock, I can tape and mud a joint, prime, paint and change light bulbs, fix leaky faucets, unclog a toilet, pull the weeds, operate the riding mower, feed the cats, successfully feed, clothe, dress and load up 3 children, myself and said cats to go to the vet's office. I can insure that we've got clean clothes, a full fridge, a full gas tank, and plenty of things to occupy our time. I can even entertain a houseful of women and make money.

What I learned, however, is that I am not emotionally able to handle all the stresses and events and activities that have gone on here this last week.

I need BB - not in the sense that I was unable to make this household function, but in the sense that he brings things I cannot - reserves, back-up, first line of defense.

Even though he may not offer as much as I sometimes think he ought to, he does indeed take a load of weight off my shoulders each and every day.

And so, as I'm preparing for his return from this business trip this week, I'll be welcoming him home with a different attitude. I didn't just miss his physical presence and the ability to talk to another adult...I missed having his support, his piece of the puzzle that is our family.

Take a minute today, and focus on just how much your own beloved does for puzzle and ask yourself if you've really made it evident how much you appreciate and need their contributions, and how adequate they are!

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