August 16, 2010


I just read, from a "reputable designer" that when she "simply doesn't have time" to change bed linens in between house guests, she simply chooses either a disinfectant spray, or a fabric refresher and "lightly mists" the fitted sheet, the flat sheet, any blanket, and the comforter/quilt/duvet.

Ummm...first of all, let me just say "Eeeeeewwww!!!!!" Second, wouldn't it take just as much time to do that as it would to simply strip the bed and remake it with the clean set of sheets?

Which, therefore leads me to this week's edition of random questions:

If you have a designated guest bed (regardless of it's locale in your home), do you keep it made up for unannounced guests and random drive-by sleepovers, or do you keep it with only the quilt/comforter on it, and make it up with clean sheets and blanket upon the impending arrival of/decision of a sleepover guest?

I, personally, was brought up, that the guest bed looks made up when it is specifically for that purpose. You have your pretty comforter on it, along with all the decorative pillows your husband will not allow you to have in your own room. Then, when you know you're having company to stay in the guest bed, you take out freshly laundered sheets (or at least recently laundered), and make it up, putting clean towels out, as well as a fresh bar of soap, and make sure you're otherwise ready.

I don't think I know anyone who actually keeps sheets on a guest bed, especially when it is a hide-a-bed in a couch somewhere in their house...

But then, I find I'm surprised by something each day.

Tell me about your guest quarters...


Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Umm, I have a futon that we throw sheets on when my brother-in-law is in town. But we just went through a house that would have an actual designated guest bedroom and I am so excited to have it ready for guests at a moment's notice, sheets and all. :)

Queen Mother said...

I'm for putting the sheets on when the guest are coming. I also like to leave the bed naked for a while so the mattress can air. If I could I would put it outside for a good sun bath.

Blue skies, Gray days said...

Our guestroom having been taken over as a quasi home office/workroom, we're now forced to overnight our guests in Charming Child's room (a futon) or the living room sofa. Neither are ideal, but then, having overnight guests is rarely about sheer comfort but rather the joy of having them there at all.

That said, when we DID have a guestroom, it remained tidy and "ready" at all times with the bed covered by a fluffy comforter and clean sheets waiting in the cabinet nearby. To not change guest bed sheets is about as unappealing as say, not flushing the guest bathroom toilet. Ewwwww

FarmWife said...

Oh how I wish for a guest room. We have 3 bedrooms for 6 people. And we don't even have a hide-a-bed. No overnight guests at our house unless someone is missing (like me). If we do have a guest (like say, Princess & HT) they sleep in BabyGirl's bed while she crashes on the floor. tight quarters here.

Razmataz said...

My guest beds always have sheets on ready to go.

I cringed reading about the designer not changing the guest sheets. Who would admit to that? And spraying the sheets even worse.

I do know soemone who was a guest somewhere and said the sheets smelled of B O. I was once a guest and was given a set of fresh sheets and told I needed to change the sheets.